" Do you think dad loves me ?" the little boy asked as he started to swing his little legs.

"Of course , he does , love " I looked at the gloomy boy feeling awful for him .

" I love you too dad , I wish you come back. " he tilted his head looking at the sky with his sparkle green eyes .

" I wish too honey " I whispered to myself .

I don't understand , what kind of people could do that to such a boy , he is the most charming kid I've ever seen .

I have to admit , he is the best thing happened to my life .


2. Target


     Barbara's POV's


  " I'm ready to go " Ash said while descending the stairs holding his teddy bear with his tiny hands .


 "Okay love , let's go " I grabbed my keys and my purse then I closed the apartment's door  , then I reached for his hand and opened the elevator's door.


 " Where are we going ?" Ash asked swinging his teddy bear ,  while I pressed the button of the elevator .


"Let's make it a surprise " I smiled looking at his sparkled green eyes .


"No tell me , please please please please " he begged like kids , actually he is a kid .


" Fine , we are going to Steven's  apartment " I chuckled at the way he begged , his brain is much older than his age .


" Yeah " he laughed , " I love Steven " he smiled .


  I unlocked my car and seated him in the backseat , closing his seat belt to make sure he is safe and then I went to my driver seat .


 " How long will it take to arrive at Steven ?" he asked after I started the engine .


" Just 10 minutes , love " I smiled , and started to drive .


 Ash loves Steven so much , actually because Steven was the kindest man to him since his birth date ,  and he still is , besides Steven loves him too .


 I'm not surprised why there is a father-son relationship between them , because Steven is so nice , I still remember the first day we started dating , he was gentle and he still is  , but the reason we broke up is that we arent good together dating  ,  but we still friends , good friends actually , he is more than my brother .





 " We arrived , love " I announced , parking my car in the parking lot .


 " yeah " he screamed , when the car was parked and I opened him the door , he started to run .


 " Hey , wait " I yelled .


 " Hurry up " he returned back , and held my hand and started to pull me inside the building .


 After we arrived the right floor , we went outside the elevator and walked through the corridor , until we reached the apartment's door  , then I pressed the button .


 Few minutes later and someone started to open the door slowly so a dark shape appeared and I couldnt realize what it was at first , but when the door was totally opened  I realized he was Steven's friend  Jackson .


 " Hey beautiful " he greeted with a smirk .


" Hey " I faked a smile , I hate him so much , I'm not judging him but he is such a dork .


" Hey , you little boy " he mocked a baby voice as he looked at Ash ..... Ash just smiled and held my hand tight , I can't blame him for being afraid , he is so scary .


" Who there Jackson ?" Steven's voice yelled .


" Your ex " Jackson sneered .


" Then back off " Steven finally appeared then he pushed Jackson away making space for me to enter , so I immediately entered , holding Ash's hand



 " I'm out dude , later " Jackson said , smirking at me and then he left smacking the door making me jump .


 " Chill out " Steven chuckled .


  " I just hate him " I groaned , joining Steven on the trapeze .


 " He look amazing " he smiled , looking at the small boy who was enjoying using his Ipad .


 " You know , you're the only the person who make him forget his teddy bear in the car " I smoothly smiled .


" I'm hungry " I changed the subject , but I was sure he was extremely happy from what I said .


 I left both of them playing with the Ipad and went to the fridge to grab some food  , but it was empty , like a desert .


 " Are you kidding me " I whispered to myself .


 " I think we should make a visit to the grocer " I whooped with laughter , making my way back to them .


 " I wanted you to figure it out " he teased making me laugh .


 " we should go " I grabbed my purse and took Ash's hand .


 " I'm ready to go " Steven announced holding his car keys .


 " I 'm hungry " Ash spoke with childish pampered voice .


 " We will bring food honey " Steven reassured .


 " Are you happy now " I admonished .


 " Dont blame me " he gleefully grimaced .







 " Finally " I groaned when we arrived , Steven is the worst driver ever .


 " I told you to drive " he teased , parking the car in the parking lot .


 " I'm getting Ash " he volunteered .


 So I grabbed my purse and waited for both of them at the grocer's entry , and when they joined me we entered .


 " Ash stay close " I warned and he nodded , I know he is safe with Steven , but I dont wanna him be harmed .


" Let's start with Frozen meat " Steven suggested .


 " I hate meat " Ask said , breaking Steven's grip .


 "What did I say , Ash ?" I talked using serious tone .


 " I wont walk off " He reassured , and I couldn't disagree .


 " Dont worry , I'm watching him " Steven said .


 " Okay " I smiled just to reassure him , but I was still worried .


 Steven started to put all kind of purchases he wanted , I know he loves shopping actually he can be a good company in shopping for dresses .


 " Hey is that enough with frozen chicken ?" he asked showing me the purchases in his trolley .


 " I think yeah " I stepped closer to the trolley , then I started to check the stuff and when I was done I stepped back to check Ash , but he was gone .


 " Where is Ash ?" I terrifyingly asked , my breath catches my throat when he disappeared .


 " He was here a minute ago " Steven muttered


 " I want my son " I collapsed  , whirling around myself .


 " Chill out , we will find " he said before he leave me standing and go to look for him  , I cant just chill out while my son is gone , I can barely feel my feet .


 " Ash , where are you? " I started to make my  strides trying to find him , I felt everyone's eyes on me but I dont care , I'm looking for my son people !


" Ash , can you hear me " I yelled still crying .


 When I lost hope , I went outside , he was nowhere inside , where is he ? I want my son back .


 " Barbara , watch out " I heard Steven yelling but I didnt know what he was talking about .


 Suddenly  a man showed up  holding Ash who was flinging this man , when I tried to run to him , another man grabbed my arms , and  injected something in my neck and then I felt nothing more .










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