" Do you think dad loves me ?" the little boy asked as he started to swing his little legs.

"Of course , he does , love " I looked at the gloomy boy feeling awful for him .

" I love you too dad , I wish you come back. " he tilted his head looking at the sky with his sparkle green eyes .

" I wish too honey " I whispered to myself .

I don't understand , what kind of people could do that to such a boy , he is the most charming kid I've ever seen .

I have to admit , he is the best thing happened to my life .





  My heart dropped to my feet when I heard him screaming , so  I stormed  to his room and when I entered I found his small , limp weak body shaking .


I settled down next to him on bed and plumped on his shoulder trying to calm him .


" Shhhh , It's fine " I smoothly calmed .


" Dont leave me " his infirm voice spoke .


" I wont , it's just another nightmare " I hissed .


" It was my dad " he muttered , " He was chasing us , and he was holding a gun and then he killed you "



" Dont worry , I  wont leave you " I pulled him to my chest and hugged him tight , " Now lets brush our teeth " I titillated him , trying to cheer him and it worked .


" Stop it , I'll brush them " he chuckled .


" Ok , I'll be in the kitchen , hurry up " I informed , then I walked to kitchen .


I'm so disappointed in his dad , how could someone do this to his kid , this kid is a piece of him , If I could meet him I would probably kill him , or I would just admonish him , but this story has an end , It must be .



                                                         * * * * * * * * * * * *


I know the prologue is too short but I tried to do my best in this one .

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