" Do you think dad loves me ?" the little boy asked as he started to swing his little legs.

"Of course , he does , love " I looked at the gloomy boy feeling awful for him .

" I love you too dad , I wish you come back. " he tilted his head looking at the sky with his sparkle green eyes .

" I wish too honey " I whispered to myself .

I don't understand , what kind of people could do that to such a boy , he is the most charming kid I've ever seen .

I have to admit , he is the best thing happened to my life .


5. On Date With Him



  Barbara's POV's


 I went out of the bathroom .covering my naked , wet body with a fluffy towel . I made quick steps back to my room , according to harry I must be ready in 30 minutes from now .


 So I wore my undergarments and put on my dress which was red form-fitting dress that anyone can see my boobs , but I have to obey what he said .


 After putting light concealer and foundation , I started to put my eyeliner and mascara then I finished my make up after putting red lip gloss .


 "Are you ready " Harry gave a small knock on the door .


 " Just a second " I slipped in my heels and grabbed my purse , and of  course checked myself in the full-length mirror which was having a crack but you can see yourself .


 I walked to the door , and knocked so he can unlock me . I heard him inserting the keys then the door was opened .


 " Lady " He stretched his hands , and I had no choice but to hold it .


 Harry took my hand and led me downstairs . This house is so dark and lifeless , I dont know what to do ? , I'm kidnapped . I've no idea about were I'm nor where is my son ? , should I call the cops ? No they might hurt Ash . God I need your help .


 " Get in " Harry harshly commanded to get in the car and he went to the driver seat , leaving my standing


 "What ?" he asked , and he was already sitting in his seat , still leaving me standing . He has no I idea about being gentleman . I narrowed my eyes , crossed my hands and popped a hip out .


 "Yeah " he sighed opening his door , then he stomped to open me the door . Exactly , learn something .


 I rested in my seat , while he started the engine . And it was clear that he want to kick away his anger . When the car started to move I focused on the road .


 " Hello , your mom didnt teach how to talk " great now Harry is making fun of me .


 " No , but she never teach me how to deal with a kidnapper " I said , but looks like my words bothered him because the smirk faded away from his face .


 " Do you really think someone stopped me from killing you " his harsh tone surprised me , but I didnt say anything , not even an expression .


 "Where are we going ?" I asked with fully peeved tone . He have no right to talk to me that way .


 " Let's make it surprise " he smiled still focusing on the road . Okay seriously is he insane ?


 "Okay " I sighed , focusing back on the road . I hope this night pass as fast as it could .







 " Lady " Harry gently opened me the door .


 " Thank you " I faked a smile , not because he is being nice that will make me forget he kidnapped me and my son .


 " This way " He pointed to our table . And I didnt realize we were at the beach till I saw sea and sand . The table was nailed in the sand , there were red silky sheets covering the wooden table , the candles were  regularly arranged on the sheet and there were only two chairs .


 " I wont move until you tell me where is Ash ?" I stood next to the car crossing my arms while giving him a death look .


 " Fine " he sighed . He took a deep breath and he stepped closer but his look wasn't terrifying  to me , not as I expected , " Your son is safe , I promise , and I'll take straight to him after we finish " he reassured , so I just gave a small, quick nod .


 He offered me an extended hands and I found no chance but holding it , and it wasn't that bad . Actually it was warm and comforting . I started to walk with him to the table and when we arrived he helped me to sit on my chair .


 " So , Tell me more about you " he soothingly spoke while sitting on his own .


 " Tell you what ?" I frowned


 " About you , everything " he smiled . I brought a cup of water to my lips and started to let the cold water pass through my throat . Is this a date or something ?


  "Fine " I sighed looking at him .




 It was late at night  . The quiet was covering the place that you can only hear the clack of my high heels every time my feet meet the ground .

I was shivering because of the freezing air . Everybody seems happy by sitting next to the fireplace , but me , I was heading home alone , only my black strapless dress that hardly reach my knee is covering my body .


 I know it was wrong to go home alone , but trust me I had no choice , because all the bastards at my school were enjoying their party and they didnt want any cutting in .



 As I was I was walking , I heard a baby cry coming from far away but I didnt pay attention . Of course by all the family meeting things any mother should face problems .

But my heart started jump when I heard the cry again but this time it was louder like the baby was getting near . I thought about running but my feet were killing me , wearing high heels wasn't a good idea .


Without knowing , I found myself following the baby cry , and every time I hear the cry I think about escaping but what if someone needed my help , I wont live the rest of my life with total ruefulness .


When I was in a dark street the baby cry was loud and clear , without thinking I went to the baby who was covered with a blue blanket that only his face was visible .I carried the baby and brought him to my chest that he stopped crying .


 I looked at his tiny small face . They baby was incredibly adorable and he had those sparkled green little eyes , and his tiny pink lips were so cut . Despite of the freezing weather the baby was warm , I pulled him much closer to my chest and started to walk.



 End Of Flashback


" Wow " harry groaned , " That mean , Ash -"


"Isn't my biological son  , he is adopted " I hissed


" That's really nice from you Barbara " harry commented , while his large warm hands met mine .


 " I'm sorry harry , but I really wanna see Ash , now " I placidly said


 "Fine we will go " he smiled , and for the first time I see him being nice to me . "Ash is a lucky boy , to have such a mother like " he said reaching for my hands , his words made me so happy




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