" Do you think dad loves me ?" the little boy asked as he started to swing his little legs.

"Of course , he does , love " I looked at the gloomy boy feeling awful for him .

" I love you too dad , I wish you come back. " he tilted his head looking at the sky with his sparkle green eyes .

" I wish too honey " I whispered to myself .

I don't understand , what kind of people could do that to such a boy , he is the most charming kid I've ever seen .

I have to admit , he is the best thing happened to my life .


9. No More Lies




Harry's POV's


 After we arrived home , she took her bags and with no more words she ran to her room . I dont know  what bothered her at the mall but it must be something serious .


 After thinking for about 15mins I decided to go and make sure she was fine . When I arrived at her room's door , I knocked trying not make noise I dont want anyone to see me .


 " Who ?" her soft voice spoke , even when she is angry she is gorgeous .


 " It's me , Harry " I said . It took her few minutes to open the door , she gave a disgust look and walked away . what did I do wrong ?


 " Are you avoiding me ?" I questioned


 "Should I ?" she crossed her arms , looking at me .


 " No , But you didnt invite me in "


 " I left the door open "


 " What happened . Did I bother you ?"


 " What do you think ?"


 " Can you stop being stubborn and fucking tell me what's going on " I almost yelled making her eyes get wider .


 " You wanna fucking know " great , she is know yelling , " Fine , but first , who is Samantha ?"



 Barbara POV's


 Harry's face went pale by mentioning her name , Is that right what she said ?  yeah , looks like it . There is a part inside me telling not believe her and trust harry but the other part is stopping me . Why do I even care ? He is not my boyfriend .


 " Can you please sit " he begged and I couldnt resist the look on his face so I just did what I was told .


 I crossed my leg and looked in his eyes that never left me . I silently waited form him to speak  , I dont want to bother him . But I'm so mad at him , how could he lie to me ? I still cant believe that Ash is his son .


 " She is my ex-girlfriend ..... and I guess the day I got here pregnant was the party night .. " he explained as he looked in my eyes . " I really didnt know about her pregnancy until the baby was born "


 " I deserved to know "


 " I know and I'm sorry "


 " No , Why did you lie to me ?" he stared at me for a while before he opened his mouth to speak , I know I'm being harsh but I hate lies.


 " I was afraid " he said but this time he wasnt looking at me . He seem broken .


 " Of what ?"


 " I was afraid of losing you " his words were soft to my ears , but not to my heart because it started to beat as loud as it could .


 " What ?" I know I sound stupid but I found nothing more to say , the word were locked in my mouth.


 " I like you Barbara .... I liked you since the day I saw you at the party " he paused " I know you didnt notice me , but my eyes didnt leave you along the party "


 " You knew all about it " I stood up and stepped away from him  as  I watched him getting up , he look annoyed by my reaction but I dont care , I really wanna leave this place , I cant stand hearing more lies .



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