" Do you think dad loves me ?" the little boy asked as he started to swing his little legs.

"Of course , he does , love " I looked at the gloomy boy feeling awful for him .

" I love you too dad , I wish you come back. " he tilted his head looking at the sky with his sparkle green eyes .

" I wish too honey " I whispered to myself .

I don't understand , what kind of people could do that to such a boy , he is the most charming kid I've ever seen .

I have to admit , he is the best thing happened to my life .


7. Niall



  Harry's POV .


  " Harry , I wanna sleep with mommy tonight " the boy's little soft voice spoke .


 " No honey you cant " looks like I really disappointed him , " but you I can sleep with you " my suggestion really cheered him up .


 I carried the boy and went to his bed . I lied on the bed next to him and started to watch him sleeping . He is nothing like him mom physically , but maybe he has the same personality .

I really lost it when Barbara tried to escape . She had no idea about how I would react , but I dont blame her , we kidnapped her  . What the hell , Harry ? stop this now .

But there something about her . I dont know what ? but maybe the blue of her eyes or the way her cheeks blush when I tease her , or the way she speaks to me .


 Okay I need to stop now ! She is just a girl I kidnapped , she has nothing different from the other girls .


 Barbara POV


 I screwed up , for one more time I screwed up . Niall the only one who treats me well and he was nothing but being nice , besides he trusted me . And all I did was causing him troubles .

but no , I have to talk to him .I knocked on the door gently , until the guard answered my knocks .


 " Can I see Niall " I nervously asked


 " Mr Horan is busy , you cant " his voice was so harsh and loud , It was the first time I hear him speaking .


 " Please , I really need to talk to him " I begged


 " Wait " he said before I hear his footsteps making their way to the end of the hall . He returned back and opened the door , without a word I walked to Niall's room.


 My small fist placidly met the white door . And small knocks sounded . My heart was beating fast like hell , I dont know why I was afraid . I don't even wanna think about what his reaction would be . But I should do this , shouldn't I ?

I stood awkwardly waiting for his replay , and he finally did . The door slowly was opened , he didn't recognize me at first but when he did he left the door open and went to his window .


 My feet slowly stepped inside the room and closed the door slowly  . I felt my legs shaking and I was so fucking nervous , I almost forgot why I can here . Everything was in a slow motion .


 The vision of the full moon was covering the sky , the sound of the rain drops melted my ears . The wind smacked the window making me jump but Niall was too busy staring at the window .


 " H-Hey " I muttered but he didnt replay .


 " I know what I did was wrong " I stepped closer but he was still not paying attention , I opened my mouth to add something but I was cut off mid-sentence by his Irish accent .


 " Don't waste your time " he harshly spoke


 " Please , I'm sorry " my depressed voice begged him , he finally manged to face me .


 "For what ?" he giggled , but it was obvious that this giggle was fake , his voice was hiding something , sadness , disappointment . Something that I totally caused .


 "For escaping " I muttered looking at me feet , I dont want him to see me crying .


 " Are you crying ?" he stepped closer so now I can smell his cologne . It was filled with notes of rosewood , icy and sandalwood . Something that I could spend the rest of my life smelling it . When his soft hands cupped my face I looked up to meet two miserable , blue eyes . It's a shame that those eyes look sad ....because of me .


 " I'm sorry " I apologized one more time . And  without even warning I felt soft lips touching mine . But he broke this kiss and looked in my face .


 " It's okay " he smirked still holding my face but this time his finger was brushing my lips.


 I smiled to him . I let my hands find home at the hem of his t-shirt . I tip- toed and brought my head closer . His breath now was so close and his scent was getting better , I feel so nervous yet so happy . Niall is the most adorable guy I've ever met and I wont regret being with him . If he asked me to be with him , will he ?


 I manged to crash my lips to his . Our kiss was  passionate , too passionate for our first kiss . I slipped my fingers through his blond hair making him moan . I felt his hand on my back and he started to brush my back .

We both broke the kiss breathless . He was still looking in my eyes like he was afraid to lose me .


 " I should go " I slurred


 " See you tomorrow , bara "  I smiled to the stupid name he gave me , but to be honest it became my favorite nickname ever .


 I went to my room thinking about what happened . Today was a horrendous day until I entered his room , until my lips tasted his . It was the best kiss ever . The taste of his lips was still on mine and I just dont wanna lost it .


 I hugged my pillow hoping that this pillow was him and If I could only get his cologne and put it on my pillow so every night I go to bed I smell it I wont hesitate. I have to admit that Niall is kind of boyfriend that every girl could ask for .



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