" Do you think dad loves me ?" the little boy asked as he started to swing his little legs.

"Of course , he does , love " I looked at the gloomy boy feeling awful for him .

" I love you too dad , I wish you come back. " he tilted his head looking at the sky with his sparkle green eyes .

" I wish too honey " I whispered to myself .

I don't understand , what kind of people could do that to such a boy , he is the most charming kid I've ever seen .

I have to admit , he is the best thing happened to my life .


6. Knowing The Truth



 Barbara POV's


 When we arrived home harry took me to an immense hall and he told me to wait in it . I hate taking orders but he promised he would give me my son back if I did .

I sit on the a big brown leather couch and started to explore the room . There were too much figurines , god who still keep them ? . I'm not judging , but Harry has a strange taste in decorating .


 " Bring the boy " I heard Harry's voice ordering another gangster , when I heard him getting closer I took a deep breath as my knee bounced up and down without any orders from my brain.

He entered the room and joined me on the couch and smiled without saying a word .


"Let the boy in " he called as the door started to open slowly . The first shape my eye landed on was Ash . I jumped from the couch and carried him tight to my chest ....God I missed him


"Mommy " Ash chuckled in my ear making me notice that I was hugging him tight ...too tight .


" Good , you saw your baby " harry interrupted , " Now take the boy " he commanded then the guards took the boy from my hands and disappeared , without letting me think about a way to stop them .


 " What the hell ? I thought you promised you will let him stay with me " I almost shouted , and this time and dont care about his reaction .


 " Sorry , there must be a misunderstanding , when I said stay with you I meant take a quick sneak peek " he smiled slyly .


 " The hel-" I managed to stop myself from saying anything I would regret it . I took a deep long breath to calm and nuzzled my hair still standing in my area .


 " Sorry for the misunderstanding but I want my child back ... Please " I snarled trying my best not to punch him .


 "Sorry lady , the deal is a deal " he smirked .


 " Come on Harry , you cant do this to a kid , he cant sleep at night without " I begged , and it was obvious I was acting because Ash was perfectly good , but I should try .


 " I think we find the right  person for it "


 "Excuse me , What ?"


 " Let the babysitter in " Harry called for the second time in this room . I really look forward to this bitch....I mean babysitter .


 The started to open slowly , Why everything is going in a slow motion in this house ? . Anyways the figure started to show up and I couldn't believe that the babysitter was actually ..... Steven !

Suddenly I felt my heart beating loudly like it was chasing someone , and the breath stopped in my throat . Is is a dream ? Please be a dream .


 " S- Steven " I muttered .


 " Hey , Barbara " he cheered and then he pulled me for a hug , but the shock didnt allow me to hug him back .


 "What are you doing here ?" I finally find words to ask .


 " Babysitting " he smiled , but I just stood there without any facial or physical expression .


 " Okay , I'm out of here , have some privacy " Harry said then he went out . And when I made sure he left , I looked at Steven whose eyes never left mine.


 "So ?" I asked , crossing my eyes and popped a hip out .


 " Can we have a seat ?" he said pointing to the couch , I looked at him for the last time then I sit down .



 After 30 minutes of explanation . I finally had a clue about the whole story . Well Steven was Harry's friend since high school and both of them are the most important gangster in this gang , and he told me too that he is the one was taking care of Ash that's why Ash wasn't crying those couple days . All of that without mentioning that he knew about the kidnapping things .....God what's happening ?


 " Barbara , you need to trust me , I would never hurt you or let anyone does " Steven reassured . Did he forget about kidnapping me and my son ? ohhh he didnt .


 " Trust you ? yeah sure " I sneered , trying the best to lock the tears inside my eyes but it failed because I was already crying .


 " Hey please , I'm sorry I lied to you " he apologized and he moved closer to me .


 " It would be easier you told me " I slurred . He opened his arms and pulled me closer to his chest . I rested my head on his warm t-shirt , his scent is perfect I still remember it , he used to put it when we were dating .



 After I chilled , I went to my room and sit by the window , and for the first time I wish I could be locked here forever . I really cant figure all of this out . After I trusted Harry and told him the truth about Ash , he lied to me . I dont care about him I just want my son back . It really bothered me when he was smirking while ordering them to lock my son .

And hate how Steven lied to me , he never mentioned he had friends not at least like harry . How should I act ? Who am I kidding ? they kidnapped me .






 I woke up next morning feeling so tired and lazy . I dont even remember when I fell asleep nor how I slept on bed . All I remember crying by the window .


  " Mr.Styles wants you  downstairs in 15 minutes " the guard said knocking at my door . Can ever Mr. Styles forget about me ? no he couldn't .


 Anyway . I should get dressed , I dont wanna bother mr.styles ,do I ? . When I  was ready , I knock on the door so the guard open it to me . Then he started to walk me to wherever Mr.Styles is .


 And when we entered a big room , I found Harry sitting on a dinner table surrounded by giggling men . This house is fucking big and full of drunk people . I wounder how can Harry get all of this money ? Oh, he is a hoodlum .


 " Come in " harry commanded me to enter while he was laughing with his friends , I nod and just sit on the chair which was next to Harry.


 " Hey , Nice to see you Barbara " A blonde was sitting next to me greeted and I gave a small smile .


 " This Niall , Barbara " Harry answered my thoughts and I smiled to Niall , " This is Zayn , Louis , Liam and of course no need to introduce Steven " Harry started to introduce his men and I just keep smiling . But when it came to Steven I didn't , sorry but I just cant fake a smile , he lied to me .






 For me the dinner went well , and I think Niall is the most kind one in this house , besides he has the most adorable laugh ever . After the dinner we went to the living room , I still dont know the point from having this dinner with them .



 " Barbara , Wanna go for walk " Niall gently asked . I nod before even thinking about it which surprised all of the attendants .


 " No one is going outside " Harry said with a fully anger tone .


 " I wanna go for a walk , please " I quickly gave a response . Harry looked at me for a while and then he looked to Niall .


 " Take care of her " he said and Niall nodded


 I followed Niall outside and I was sure 100% harry's gaze never left me . Why is he acting like that , I mean he is not jealous , Is he ?


 " So , Ash Is your son ?" Niall's Irish accent broke the silence when we reached the garden which was magnificent .


 " Yeah " I sighed .


 " Look , I know what you think about me  , but you can trust me if you want to " Niall said with a nervous tone .


 " Okay , Do you know where is Ash ?" I muttered


 " Yeah " this time he wasnt looking at me .


 "I wanna see my son " I said


 " I dont know -"


 " Please " I cut him off .


 " Okay , But promise me this will stay secret between us "


 " I promise "


 " Follow me "


 Niall opened the room's door and we both entered . The room was good , actually perfect , Like it was made for Ash . There was a big bed with Toy story blanket  . Ash's favorite film .

I found Ash playing with his toys


 " Ash , your mom is here love " Niall said


 " Mommy " Ash cheered , and he left his toys and ran towards me . I carried him and hugged his tight .


 " I'll leave have your moment " Niall said , " but I'll wait outside to make sure nobody comes in" Niall informed before he leaves the room .


 " Mom , what are you doing ?" Ash asked whereas I was finding a window or a way out .


 " We are going home " I said


 " Is Harry coming with us ?" Ash's question surprised me


 " No " I sighed


 I finally find a small window which leads to the backyard , I took Ash and ran outside the house . I moved as fast as I could . The night went darker , the weather went frosty . Cold breath made it's way through my throat . I dont know where I'm going but I have to . I'm running for my freedom , for my life . You have to risk to get the biscuit .


I stopped when I reached a immense dike . No no no ... there must a way out , please , I cant stand being here .



 " Leaving early " I heard a harsh , raspy voice making me jump .


 " Harry , you are leaving with us " Ash laughed and jumped into harry's hands


 " No one is leaving honey " Harry gave me a death look , as he held Ash tight .


 " Take the beautiful lady to her room , make sure she has well sleep " Harry commanded ,giving me a smirk.


 The guard grabbed my wrist and lead me to my room back . I went to my window , as usual crying next to it . Drops of my feet were mixed with my lips . 


 " You promised me " I heard an Irish accent . I didnt notice his entrance .


 " Niall I'm sorry ,I -"


 " Dont , I wont help you again " he sighed , " Good job , Barbara " it was the last thing he said before he smacked the door behind him






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