" Do you think dad loves me ?" the little boy asked as he started to swing his little legs.

"Of course , he does , love " I looked at the gloomy boy feeling awful for him .

" I love you too dad , I wish you come back. " he tilted his head looking at the sky with his sparkle green eyes .

" I wish too honey " I whispered to myself .

I don't understand , what kind of people could do that to such a boy , he is the most charming kid I've ever seen .

I have to admit , he is the best thing happened to my life .


8. At The Mall


 Barbara's POV's


 I grabbed my fluffy white towel and went to the bathroom . All I need now is a shower besides I must get ready soon , and that because for no reason Harry asked me out and I agreed .... like I have any other choice . And when I asked him where he said " It's a surprise just be perfect ".


 I poured my cherry shampoo and dipped my body under the water . The memories of me and Niall  kissing yesterday never leave me , like it was engraved in my mind . The was his lips touched mine , the way his fingers squeezed my back or the way his blue eyes looked dark when we broke the kiss . It was all perfect , Niall is perfect .



 " Hurry " the guard yelled interrupting my lovely thoughts . Even in the shower I cant have privacy ....I'm a lady I need more respect .


 " Fine " I sighed and for sure he heard me . I hate this guy , and I can tell by the way he checks  me out that he wanna sleep with me ....he is just waiting for a chance .


 I finally finished showering and grabbed my towel . The walk to my room was so awkward , the guard's eyes never left my ass . He was an asshole .

When I finally reached my room I quickly locked the door this guard is starting to scare me . Anyway I went to my closet to pick the suitable outfit . And after staring at my closes for about 10mins I finally settled on the perfect dress . The hem of the dress stopped just before my knee , it was a light pink dress with a white bow on the waist .


 I didnt do anything different with my hair , I just left my hair to it's naturally wavy , brown state . I applied an eyeliner and mascara , and with one more touch of pink lip gloss I was done . I dipped my feet in my pink high heels , I actually need those heels whenever I'm around harry .


 I checked myself one more time in the mirror and grabbed my purse then I knocked at the door to inform that I was ready .


 " Mr.Styles is waiting downstairs " the guard said pointing to the stairs , with no more words I made my way downstairs to find Harry . He was wearing his normal black tight jeans and a V-neck white t-shirt . He looked so fucking sexy .


 " Hey , beautiful " he greeted with the most beautiful smile I've ever seen . My eyes melted when I saw dimples engraved on his cheeks .


 " Hey " I smiled back but this time I somehow didnt fake a smile . He took my hands into his and walked outside the house to his car . My hands fit in his so well , I like it .


 I rested my back on the seat after he opened the door for me . He sit on his driver seat and started the engine . Why I'm not scared of him , he kidnapped me a. Indeed I feel so safe with him . Maybe because I know he will protect me , maybe because no body is going to hurt as long as I'm with him .


 When I looked at him he was focusing on the road with his green eyes . Those eyes that send chills down my spine whenever the look in mine , those eyes which check me out whenever I wear a dress . Does he like me ? . No , of course not , I'm just another boring girl he kidnapped .


 " Can you stop staring at me " he smirked still focusing on the road . I didnt even realize I was staring at him.


 " Yeah " I whispered looking at my hands , and I can feel the heat growing on my checks , I hate that he has this affect on me .





 The drive was fast , so fast . Harry didnt say anything after he embarrassed me . When we arrived I noticed the my outfit wasnt good for the place because he took me to the mall , I think he should at least told the place but it is too late .


 " Let's go " Harry said , reaching for my hands as we walked inside the mall . The mall was crowded , like everyone decided to go shopping today , and of course the girls never stopped gossiping and laughing , I was walking with the most hot guy in this mall . Ughh girls !!


 Harry pulled me closer to him when one of the girls called me slut , dont ask me what did I do , but nowadays walking next to a sexy guy is a crime . Anyways we finally entered Forever 21 , the walk to this store was long especially when harry never speak , Is he speechless ?


 " Try this on " he said giving me a red dress with black spots all over it .


 " It'll be so tight " I commented discovering the dress .


 " Just trust me " his convince pushed me to try this dress on , but this dress is not really my type .


 I went out the dressing room with the dress on me , the dress stopped on my mid-thigh  it was too tight besides it showed my boobs .


 " Hell " Harry sighed when he saw me , with a large smirk on his face he checked me out , from head to toe , he didnt miss a part .


 " There is no was I'm wearing this in public " I said looking at myself in the mirror .


 " You are " he said , and he was right .  But the dress looked perfect on me and it gave me confidence too but I look like a bitch , I know I'm.


 " Still not buying it " I sighed before going back to the dressing room .





 After few hours we were finally done , and my feet were killing , but seriously never wear heels when you are shopping because it's like walking in hell . Harry suggested to have a meal and I agreed , I was starving . When we reached the table I put the bags and sit on my chair to rest my feet . Harry said he wanted to go to the toilet so I was sitting alone waiting for him , until a young woman came and sit on harry's chair , breaking my loneliness .


 " Excuse me , this place is taken " I informed her . She was blonde with bright green eyes , her face was covered in make up and she was almost wearing nothing .


 "I'll leave before , Harry comes " her words left me speechless , and my heart was beating so fast . How did she know harry "


 " I'm Samantha , and I'm here because you deserve to know the truth " she completed


 " Okay " I finally managed to say something .


 " I know you will understand . We both are women and we know how does it feel to be sixteen and pregnant .... Me and Harry used to go to the same school , and we liked each other so much so we dated ...... A-And one stupid night we both were drunk and we made a mistake , a huge mistake that we can never escape from it . I didnt realize that I was pregnant until I went to pregnancy test , and I knew that the baby was Harry's but I didnt tell him ....And after the baby came I found no choice but leaving him , I know it was stupid ..but you need to believe me ." after she finished my throat became so dry , and I couldn't move a muscle .


 " I'm sorry " with these words she left , she left me with my thoughts and the questions running through my head .


 " You ok ?" Harry interrupted . he finally came ...but too late .


 " Yeah " I lied faking a smile . but it was obvious I wasnt fine . From my red watery eyes anyone can tell I wasnt .


 " Can we go home " I almost begged him


 " You sure " he frowned and I just nodded and grabbed the bags .... I really wanna go home.



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