Hurricane - Frozen Fanfiction {Helsa}

The story begins on Anna's 21st birthday, three years after the events of 'Frozen'. Everyone at the castle are living happily together, but Elsa feels like something is missing. Even though she learned to control her powers, she still ISOLATES herself in her room and has the most terrible nightmares. As Anna and Kristoff's relationship flowers, she can't help herself but feel lonely. When Hans unexpectedly turn up, Elsa will have to deal with her feelings. But forgiving isn't easy...
{Idé til kapitelnavnene er 100% inspireret af @Chokofanten}


2. Prologue

The wind was freezing, but Anna didn’t notice anything. The only cold she felt was coming from her own heart, as she was slowly freezing from the inside. It was her sister, Elsa, the queen of ice and snow, who froze her heart with a blast of her dangerous powers. Elsa had done nothing but to freeze her out and ignore her, and yet Anna cared for her, worrying about her fate. Anna herself was facing the possibility of freezing forever, as her lips were turning a dark shade of purple, her skin growing pale and partly covered with glimmering snowflakes. Her weak legs were fighting against the storm, sliding across the frozen fjord. She was looking for Kristoff, her true love, the only one who could save her from the wicked curse, but through the snow swirling in the cold air, she couldn’t see where she was going, and much less where Kristoff was. With a last speck of hope, she used the last of her voice to mutter Kristoff’s name. But she knew that her luck was running out.

Not long from where Anna was, Elsa was tumbling about in the storm too, looking for a way out of the labyrinth of ships frozen in the deep layer of ice. Even though the storm was coming from her, she had no way of controlling it; it was coming from her inside, and she was just as lost in her mind as she was when she was sliding in her icy heels, desperate to flee back to her castle on the North Mountain. Elsa wanted nothing else in that moment than to escape everything. She had hurt Arendelle enough already.

Just when Elsa thought she saw a glimpse of the shore, a silhouette appeared in the distance. In a terrifying moment she thought it was Anna, but as the shadow came closer, Elsa recognized the man, she wanted to see the least in that moment; Hans, her sister’s love. She felt a bite of bitterness in her mouth as she remembered how he had been the one who was at fault; the one who triggered her, made her facade fall. If he hadn’t chosen her sister to marry, if he’d fallen in love with the princess of Wesselton, or Corona, or maybe even Dunbroch, things might have been easier. Then she hadn’t met him.

Hans was now fully visible, though covered with layers of the swirling snow. Elsa turned around on her heels, now facing the bit of shore she saw in that one moment of orientation, wanting to escape the conversation coming. It was too late.

“Queen Elsa!” Hans called in an attempt to not let the storm drown the sound of his voice. Elsa could barely her him. “You can’t run from this!”

Elsa turned around, her eyes painted with a look of fear, but still filled with determination. “Just take care of my sister.”

Hans shook his head. “Princess Anna returned to the castle weak and cold. She said you froze her heart. I tried to save her, but it was too late.”

Elsa stopped moving, tears lurking around the corners of her eyes as the terrible conclusion hit her like a lightning bolt.

“Your sister is dead, because of you.

Elsa shook her head, her world slowly falling to pieces. A dark shadow was clutching her heart with sharp claws, only growing larger. She fell down to her knees, then bend her head over, not having enough strength to hold it up high, not having enough strength to face reality. Her sister was dead, and it was her fault. How could she let it go this time?

Not far from where Elsa was, Anna was still fighting to walk, having no idea of the conversation that had just taken place. She was about to give up, to just stop fighting and let the wind take her, when something quite odd, though very fortunate for her, happened. It stopped. It felt like everything was on pause. There was no wind, and the snowflakes were floating frozen in the air. Suddenly Anna could see clearly, and there, not more than 30 feet away, was Kristoff, running against her. She felt like her world suddenly lightened, like she finally had hope, like she was going to make it...


The sound of a sword being drawn caught Anna’s attention in a world filled with silence. She turned her head in the direction of the unusual noise to see what was going on. And then she saw it. Saw her sister lying on the ice, weak of sorrow. Saw the ice thickening and darkening around her. Saw Hans standing over her, sword drawn, ready to make the killing strike. Anna knew she had to do something to save her sister, even when the only thing she could sacrifice… was herself.

She send one last begging glance to Kristoff before she ran as fast as she could with her almost frozen legs between Elsa and the sword. In her last moment, just when she was ready to take the blow, her whole body froze in the position with her one outstretched arm. A fraction of a second before the sword reached her fingertips, the icy transformation had reached them too, creating a powerful blast, cracking the sword and throwing Hans several feet away.

Elsa, oblivious of what had just happened, thought she heard a noise. It was, of course, the thud of Hans hitting the ice with his back, but she had no idea of where it was coming from. So she slowly turned her head to the side, and there, formed in the most beautiful, smooth ice Elsa had ever seen, was a hand right before her eyes. Elsa felt a sting of recognition as she rushed to her feet to see Anna, completely frozen in a silent scream.

“No…” Elsa whispered. “Anna…”

Elsa felt the tears creep past the corners of her eyes, running down her cheeks in small drops. She laid her hands upon Anna’s cheeks, feeling the cold coming from both of them. In that moment, there was nothing Elsa would rather do that open up the door for Anna, but it was too late.

Too late. 

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