Hurricane - Frozen Fanfiction {Helsa}

The story begins on Anna's 21st birthday, three years after the events of 'Frozen'. Everyone at the castle are living happily together, but Elsa feels like something is missing. Even though she learned to control her powers, she still ISOLATES herself in her room and has the most terrible nightmares. As Anna and Kristoff's relationship flowers, she can't help herself but feel lonely. When Hans unexpectedly turn up, Elsa will have to deal with her feelings. But forgiving isn't easy...
{Idé til kapitelnavnene er 100% inspireret af @Chokofanten}


1. Hurricane


By MiliLouis//elsathefierce


To all my beautiful sparkles, for encouraging me of writing this story and for getting my mood up even in the darkest times. 

To Rosa, for being my writing partner - even when I was writing a 'stupid fanfiction' xD

But most of all to Elena, for being an amazing best friend, and for liking this story so much.

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