All A Lie

*sequel to love at first sight * In this story we start off when Justin and Kimberly are already married and Jordan is 2 months old. Their marriage was going great until Kimberly found out some shocking new that turned her life around. Was everything a lie? Found out more if you read !


5. Won't sign them

The next day I finally drove my self back to my lawyer in court to get a new set of divorce papers. I came back and saw Jordan with Alfredo. If you are wondering, Alfredo and I are like brother and sister and he takes care of Jordan sometimes. 

A- Hey. 

K- Hey. I heard the toilet flush and immediately turned to Alfredo. 

K- who's in there. 

A- Umm Kim I- 

The door opened revealing Justin. 

J- Alfredo where is she? He looked up and tears filled his eyes. 

K- I think both of you need to leave. 

A- Can I explain. 

K- What? Explain ? I told you not to let him in the house. If he wanted to JJ you could've taken him to the park and met him there. I looked at the mail and put my head in my hands looking at all of the bills I have to pay which I don't have the money for. Justin walked over to me and placed an envelope In front of me. I looked in the envelope and let me tell you, cash was in there, like CASH. 

K- What's this for ? 

J- Bills, food, Jordan, you. Just because we are separated doesn't mean I can't help. I smiled lightly showing him I appreciated the offer. 

K- I can't take this money Jay. 

J- You're still my wife and I need to help. My smile went away when I heard the word wife. I pushed past him and walked over to my purse and pulled out the divorce papers. I handed them to justin and anger filled his eyes. 

J-what the fuck is this?! I saw Alfredo jump by Justin's sudden outburst and he grabbed Jordan and took him upstairs.

K- A new set of divorce papers. 

J- I'm not signing them! 

K- Yes you are. If you really want me happy then do this. This will make me happy! His eyes teared up. 

J- Y-you're happy with out me ?!

K- Just please sign them. 

J- No! I will not. I want my son back. I want you back. I want my family back, please

K- Stop it justin. Just stop. I will not pity your refusing will to sign theses papers. I will not pity your stupidity and your tears. I don't want you anymore, you completely broke my heart into so many pieces so please do me this solid. 

J- Y-you really want this. He cried. His head fell and he brought his shaky hand to the paper and scribbled his signature. He threw the pen across the room and took off. Ughhh  life is hard 😑

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