All A Lie

*sequel to love at first sight * In this story we start off when Justin and Kimberly are already married and Jordan is 2 months old. Their marriage was going great until Kimberly found out some shocking new that turned her life around. Was everything a lie? Found out more if you read !


4. I miss him

After Ryan left, I tried pacing around but that didn't work. I tried talking to my self, crying, thinking it was all my fault. I mean how couldn't I see the signs. They we all there and I drove right past them. I doged every bullet that came to be with the hard truth. I jumped over every rock with the truth. I doged the truth! I picked up my phone and stared at my lock screen.  It was a picture of justin, Jordan and I. I remember that day. It was when JJ turned 2 months. He took him to the park so he could see what he could play on once he starts talking. It was the best day ever. It was like we were the perfect family. I went to my contacts list and saw Justin's name in the speed dial list. I pressed the contact and looked at his name for 2 minutes. I wanted to call him so bad and see how he was doing but then I remembered I shouldn't feel bad he should. I hovered my thumb over the call button but it immediately switched to delete. I put my phone back in my pocket and walked over to Jordan who was asleep in his playpen. He had a daddy's boy shirt on and his mouth was parted slightly just like Justin's. God I miss him lips so much. My phone started buzzing and I looked at the caller and it was Justin's number. 

K- H-hello ? 

J- Omg baby thank god. Look I'm so sorry baby. I- just I miss you and I needed to hear your voice. 

K- Yea well my voice is leaving now. 

J- No *sniffles* just please let me see Jordan. 

K- why? It's not like you love us

J- I do love you guys. More than anything else in the world, ugh just please, I need to see my son. 

K- fine. * 20 min later * 

There was a soft nock at the front door and I was afraid to open it. I walked over to the door and opened it revealing a skinnier justin with bags under his eyes and tear stains. 

J- Hi. 

K- hi. I moved out of the door and he walked in running towards Jordan picking him up. 

J- my baby boy. I missed you so much. He started to cry and I just wanted to hug him. I stood there, with crossed arms holding back my tears with a seriousness face. He put Jordan back in his play pen, watching Mickey Mouse. 

J- Is it okay if we talk. 

K- we have NOTHING To talk about justin. 

J- Yes we do, baby I- he tried grabbing my hand but I snatched it away. 

K- You can't touch me. You are not allowed to touch me. 

J- Just please we need to talk. 

K- I think you need to leave. 

J- But-but I just got here. Tears filled his eyes as he heard those words. 

K- yeah and you came here and got what you wanted right? To see Jordan right? 

J- To see you too. 

K- well you saw me and him and now it's time for you to leave. It's Jordan's nap time. 

J- He just woke up. 

K- well he needs to heat so leave now! I couldn't hold back the tears anymore and they just flew out. 

I looked up and saw him cry. 

J- *sniffles* well here. He pulled out and orange envelope and left the house. He didn't even get in his car he just walked In The sunshine and rain. I opened the envelope and saw the divorce papers and my wedding ring with a note. 

" if you thought I was signing this you thought wrong. I love you Kimberly. And I will prove that to you." I looked at the divorce papers and written on them was " there's nothing like us, there's nothing like you and me, together..." I let a tear drop and at that very moment I heard Jordan cry. I picked him up and rocked hi. In my arms putting the bottle in his mouth. 

K- I miss daddy too baby😔

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