All A Lie

*sequel to love at first sight * In this story we start off when Justin and Kimberly are already married and Jordan is 2 months old. Their marriage was going great until Kimberly found out some shocking new that turned her life around. Was everything a lie? Found out more if you read !


2. Fucked up

Justin's POV 

Fuck! I messed up. I ran my fingers thru my hair trying to process this shit. My wife, my partner my sons mother left me. I ran upstairs and saw a huge hole in the wall. Everything was shattered and broken. I looked in the box and opened the envelope. Only thing left was her wedding ring. Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so stupid. Truth is, yes, I was getting paid to be with Kim, but I never got paid to marry her or make a baby. I chose to do that because I fell Inlove with her. I knew who she was before we met. She was a talented singer who posted videos online and if I went out with her id get money. I was stupid and selfish but I kept the money for Jordan. Even tho I fucked up and I knew it, I still wanted my son to have the best life, I wanted me and Kim to be together forever for him. I lost 2 special people and I don't think I will ever get another chance. Only 2 months into the marriage and I screwed up. How could I be so stupid?! How could I go back out with Selena ?! I need my family back! 

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