All A Lie

*sequel to love at first sight * In this story we start off when Justin and Kimberly are already married and Jordan is 2 months old. Their marriage was going great until Kimberly found out some shocking new that turned her life around. Was everything a lie? Found out more if you read !


8. 8 months later * Look who's back

You know they say certain people change your life when they leave it; I agree. Justin left my life and Jordan's after that fight we had 8 months ago. He never called so see how Jordan was. He didn't even visit Jordan in the hospital when he had a virus. He's been MIA ever since that day. But I've moved on. I'm single, working, living with Jordan alone and I'm great. Jordan now walks and talks a little bit. He says daddy and mommy but nothing else. Besides that, I'm happy. 

I was getting Jordan dressed to take him to the park and play with him. I grabbed my baby bag and put him in the stoller and opened the door and walked to the park. I kept feeling like someone was staring at me so I looked across the street and saw justin with his body guards and Jeremy. He looked at me and his smile was replaced with a guilty look, almost as if he still cared. I looked away and continued walking to the park. I went to take JJ out but he was asleep so I just sat there on my phone . I looked up from my phone and saw Justin standing over me. 

J- Hi. 

K- Hi. 

J- I'm guessing that's Jordan. 

K- It is. 

J- Look I know you aren't exactly thrilled that I'm here. 

K- Justin, I'm way over that. 

J- But I'm not. Look the reason I came back here, the reason I came HERE was to make up the time and apologize. I talked myself into leaving because I thought that it would give you some time to think things over but then Alfredo told me that you were happy and I couldn't just barge into your life like that. 

K- Barge? Justin you basically own my life. You gave me JJ. That's my life right there. When I called your phone the next day you answered and then hung up and that's when I knew I lost you. 

J- Look. I wanna start fresh. I wanna be around in my sons life. I wanna be the one who plays sports with, I wanna be the one he discusses his first crush too, I wanna be here for those kinda things. More importantly, I wanna be here for you. I wanna hold you again, I wanna kiss you again and tell you I love you over and over again because I truly do. 

K- I kinda thing we should just start as being friends again. You can have JJ on the weekends and on Tuesday and Wednesday we can have like a family night thing and you can say till Thursday. How does that sound, ? 

J- It sounds good. He smiled that bieber smile that always melts my heart. 

J- Well I'll see you tomorrow then. He gave me his new number and he kissed my cheek and kissed JJ. He walked off leaving me happy and confused as fuck. 

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