All A Lie

*sequel to love at first sight * In this story we start off when Justin and Kimberly are already married and Jordan is 2 months old. Their marriage was going great until Kimberly found out some shocking new that turned her life around. Was everything a lie? Found out more if you read !


6. 3 weeks later * Big mistake

Justin's POV 

It's been 3 weeks since I've last seen Kim. 3 weeks since I signed hose stupid papers stating that she will no longer be my wife and I will not have full custody of Jordan only on weekends. You know what it's time to move on from that bitch. She broke me in half. That's it I'm done with her. I got my lazy ass off of the couch filled with tissues and went and put on my black leather jeans, a red leather tank top and my black shades. I fixed my hair and sprayed my best smelling cologne. I grabbed my phone and walked out of the door and into my Bugatti. I drove to the club and walked in and saw some fine ass chicks. I went to the bar and got some dinks for me and this girl named yovanna. Damn nice ass, nice hair, annoying ass voice but I'm just gonna fuck her and that's it. 

Y- Hey Papi  why don't we get out of here. I was way bast drunk and high, I was on cloud nine. I took out to my car. I sped to the house and picked her up and took her in side. I slammed her on the couch. I kissed her roughly and took off her dress. I slammed into her, forgetting everything that happened these last few weeks. 

---I woke up with a massive hangover. I looked over to my side seeing yovanna sleeping. The door bell rang and I put on my boxers and walked downstairs. I opened the door and saw Kimberly standing there, with an orange envelope. 

J- Kim uh what are you doing here. 

K- I came to give you this. She handed me the divorce papers. 

J- Uhh- I'm not sure- 

k- I didn't hand them to my lawyer. 

J- You didn't! 

K- I couldn't. I didn't want to. I smiled like a big idiot. 

J- So what are we- 

K- We will work through - Just then yovanna came down and wrapped her arms around my waist.

y- Who are you. I saw the look on Kim's face. Betrayal. 

K- Uhh no one important. It was a big mistake coming here. Goodbye justin. 

J- No no Kim wait! She just walked off. Ughhh fuck!

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