Break up or Make up

When the band breaks up an it's up to Kimberly to fix everything…can she or will hers and Luke's relationship come in the way?


3. Chapter 3

Luke's POV

She seemed so down when I told her. Damn it. I didn't know what to do. I don't think she did either. All I know is that I can't see her unhappy the day I come back. "Kimberly. It has been 6 months. Please allow me the honors of taking you to the skatepark...just like old times." Her face lit up as she hugged me so tight. I knew she didn't want to let go. Neither did I. And that's what ended up happening. I picked her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I carried her up to the room in which Ashton and I were staying in. Once we got to the room I carried her to the bed and she started to put on some skating clothes. "Haven't seen that in a while." I say as I grabbed her butt making her giggle. "I know you haven't babe." she said to me as she turned around and kissed me. It's been so long since I've had one from her. I enjoyed it and savored it. When she pulled away, she pecked at my lip ring causing me to moan. "Damn Kimberly. I want you" I say to her. "I know. I want u to" she said while biting her lip. Which I have to admit...turned me on. "Fuck the skatepark" I said picking her up and placing her on the bed. Kissing down her neck. We unclothed each other and I went into her without warning. We were both a moaning mess. After it was all and done I lay beside her and brought her close to me in my arms. "Don't leave me again" she said to me. "I won't" is the last thing I said before we fell asleep.

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