Break up or Make up

When the band breaks up an it's up to Kimberly to fix everything…can she or will hers and Luke's relationship come in the way?


2. Chapter 2

Kimberly's POV

We're driving for at least 45 minutes and we finally arrive. The hotel where the boys were staying. It has been 6 months since I saw Luke. I missed him so much. Angela gets out of the car first. Then I do. We have our bags full of clothing. Yes. We do have different personalities. Luke doesn't know. I should really tell him. But I can't. Not today anyways. We walk in the hotel and go straight to the bathroom. I put on my wig and took out all my piercings. We walk out and we accidentally ran into a group of boys. We look up. It's them. "Luke!" I scream as I jump hug him. "Kimberly! OMG I've missed you so damn much!" Luke and I have been together for 4 years. It was hard for us when the guys went on tour. "Michael!" "Angela!" Luke and I look back and see our two friends hugging and kissing. They are so cute. "Kimberly...I have something to tell you." I look back to see Luke starring at his feet. "What's up babe? You seem upset..." I grab his arm and pull him to the lobby area where they had chairs. "They band...broke up..." Luke finally said. I said to myself. "This is not happening..."

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