Break up or Make up

When the band breaks up an it's up to Kimberly to fix everything…can she or will hers and Luke's relationship come in the way?


1. Chapter 1

So one day the band also known as 5sos broke up. And this is the whole story.

~skips to morning~

My alarm woke me up. It was six am and not knowing my best friend was hovering over me...I went back to sleep. But she woke me up by squeezing toothpaste all over my face. "Hey! What was that for?!" "Girl it's time to wake up. We have to go get the boys remember??" "OMG I totally forgot! Go downstairs and eat something I will be right there." I grabbed my floral Paramore muscle top, black skinny jeans, my converses, and a black beanie. I got my car keys and we were out the door. But as I was walking out I remembered I can't go with out a couple of things. I ran back to the bathroom and grabbed my wig and a little box. Some nude arm sleeves and I was ready to go.

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