The Hero.

Lilly Mercia is a girl with a lot on her mind, almost too much. She's being bullied in school every single day, in every hour. Her mom is hitting her when her fathers not looking. All in all her life is a living hell. She's on the edge of suicide until her cousin gets tickets to this concert on front row and she never thought her life would change. But it does.

Warning!: Contains swearing, self harm, suicide attempts, and sex.
So if you don't like those above, I wouldn't recommend you to read it.


7. The hours before the concert

''What's going on here?'' Dad asked. ''I heard yelling, are you fighting?'' He looked worried at us. Oh so now he heard the yelling, but he didn't hear it yesterday when the monster were beating me? 

''Amelia... Uhh.. She doesn't know what to wear.'' I explained, looking from him to Amelia and back. ''Oh okay, well why don't you just go in some neon colors? That way they will notice you right away.'' He said. ''Wow thanks uncle, you're a genius!'' Amelia said happily. 

My dad turned around with a smirk on his face saying that he already knew that. He started to leave before I interrupted him. ''Uhh, dad?'' I asked shyly. He turned around looking at me with so much kindness in his eyes. 'I have to ask him now.' I thought to myself. ''After the concert and all that could you maybe come and get us?'' I asked, but the wrong question.. My eyes turned to face the floor. '' Don't worry honey, Amelia and I already talked about that, and I'm driving you there and picking you up whenever you text me.'' He said with one of those lovely warm smiles on his face. 'Okay Lilly, you gotta ask him now, or else it's gonna be too late.' A voice in my head said. ''And dad?'' ''Yeah?'' ''Can I... Errm... May I.. Hhh, can I have a vacation with Amelia, at her place?'' I asked, afraid what the answer's gonna be. ''I'll think about it. When I'm picking you up later, I will have the answer okay?'' He said. I nodded my head and he turned around and left. 

See the thing is, Amelia lives in Sydney, Australia and that's a very long trip. But I just really want to be with her , now that I have the chance. I'm not going to school for some time and it's the perfect opportunity. 

 I started thinking about all those memories i have with her and kinda zoned out, until she snapped her fingers in front of my face. ''Earth to Lilly.. Lilly are you still with us?'' Her hand found it's way to my pulse, as if she was a doctor. '' I'm here, I'm with ya.'' I said sounding like a cowboy. ''So what are you going to wear?'' She asked looking through some of my clothes. ''I... I... I don't know actually. What do people wear at those concerts?'' I asked, getting a bit red in the face. Truth is... I've never been to a concert before, so I don't know what to wear.

''Umm, it's gonna be indoors so don't wear to much clothes.'' She said holding few pieces of my clothes out now and then. ''How about this one?'' She asked holding a black long sleeved dress, going to just under my knees. ''I don't know, isn't it a bit too-'' '' NO! Absolutely not.'' She interrupted me. ''Well okay then.. Then I guess I'll have my black leggings on.'' I said very insecure.

Most of the day we spent getting ready. Taking bath's, laying make-up, fixing our hairs and at last we put the clothes on. I must say that, if they don't see her straight away, then I would think they were blind, cause damn! She was like a neon sign at night, with blonde hair.

*In the car*

We just got in the car, and Amelia was so fucking nervous, that she started biting her nails.. 


*A/N* The rest you'll have to imagine yourself. It's a short and crappy chapter but it suited with the other chapter. Hope it's not too boring. 


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