The Hero.

Lilly Mercia is a girl with a lot on her mind, almost too much. She's being bullied in school every single day, in every hour. Her mom is hitting her when her fathers not looking. All in all her life is a living hell. She's on the edge of suicide until her cousin gets tickets to this concert on front row and she never thought her life would change. But it does.

Warning!: Contains swearing, self harm, suicide attempts, and sex.
So if you don't like those above, I wouldn't recommend you to read it.


2. The bathroom

Lilly's P.O.V


I was so sad. Why couldn't people just leave me alone. They absolutely  HAD to bully me.

I cried so much that i felt like throwing up, so that's what I did until I heard someone walk into the bathroom. I tried to stop crying so the person didn't hear me. But apparently I failed.... The person heard me and tried to open the door, I don't know how but SHE managed to unlock the door and when she saw it was me, she started laughing. "HAHAHA. Did you really start because of what we said to you in class? OMG! You. Are. So. Pathetic! How could you cry over that? We almost didn't say anything. Ohh now when it comes to thought, I've never heard you SAY anything? Now why is that? Are you scared that people wont like your voice? Why would you even go to this school you fucking loser?" Katherin said. Damn she asks a lot. God I hate her! 

My eyes started to water up again, I could feel a tear run down my cheek but before it made it further down I wiped it away. Katherin was laughing so hard and so loud that it hurt my ears. 

I started to walk away when suddenly hands landed on my arm and pulled me down on the floor. "Where the fuck do you think you're going?" Katherin asked, apparently waiting for an answer she knew she wasn't gonna get. "Answer me you little fucking whore!" She yelled at me. Whore..? Why would she call me a whore? I haven't even had sex yet.. My head started to hurt. PERFECT a headache! Lovely, whats the next thing that's gonna happen?

I suddenly felt pain in my stomach. I looked down and saw she was kicking and punching me. My shirt lifted a little so you could see my stomach a bit. "Now now look at this.." She said pointing at my belly button piercing. OH no she wasn- "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" I screamed. That son of bitch jus- "There you go, it's now now gone." She said with a huge smirk on her face. "Don't scream, i just made you a favor! Now you don't have to use all your fucking porn money on that silly thing! HAHAHA." She said laughing harder. She turned away to leave but then turned around and punched me hard in the face, making my nose bleed hard and then walked away laughing. I was just laying there for a few minutes before I got up, took some toilet paper and dried my nose, I looked down there's blood all over my shirt and I have a huge open wound on stomach from where my belly button used to be. I walked out of the school, didn't care if everybody could see me, didn't care if they were laughing hard at me, didn't care what they were saying about me, I just wanted to get away from that hell. The only thing on my mind right now was to just go home and deal with all of the trouble I'm gonna get 'cause I'm not in school, but I actually didn't know where I was going, before I stood in the front of the hospital and walked inside. When I got in a lot of people looked at me. And just before I passed out, I yelled "h-help, plea-se h-h-elp m-me....." And it all went black... 


A/N Ooh ooh what's gonna happen next? You think her parents will find out? 

I know it's kind of a bad chapter, but I thought maybe you guys wanted a bit more, so here it is. Tell me what you think of it please? 

I might not post in a couple of days, I have some...... Things, that I need to work with.... So... But I'm gonna post as much as I can, I promise you that!

Thanks for reading!xx


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