The Hero.

Lilly Mercia is a girl with a lot on her mind, almost too much. She's being bullied in school every single day, in every hour. Her mom is hitting her when her fathers not looking. All in all her life is a living hell. She's on the edge of suicide until her cousin gets tickets to this concert on front row and she never thought her life would change. But it does.

Warning!: Contains swearing, self harm, suicide attempts, and sex.
So if you don't like those above, I wouldn't recommend you to read it.


12. I'm thinking about him a lot, and monster out?

Lilly's P.O.V

My dad just picked us up and I'm so happy to see a familiar face. I'm just looking forward to go home and get some well deserved sleep, maybe I could just sleep a little in the car. Yeah I'm gonna do that. I looked out the window and ignored my dad and Amelia's talk, I'm just too tired to talk about the concert right now. We drove by a sign that said something about 5sos new album I didn't really see what it said, I just saw a picture of Ashton and damn did he look handsome. My mind wandered and all I could think of, was him. 

I must have fallen asleep, because suddenly a screaming voice shouted that we were home and I should wake up. So I grabbed my stuff and went in the house. Great the monster isn't home, so I can be wherever I want in the house. I went to my room to lay on my bed and get some rest. It's so exhausting to be at a concert, why didn't anybody tell me that? I jumped down on my bed and felt relaxed almost instantly. Amelia joined me on the bed and suddenly jumped up. ''Lill's, what did he write in your album?'' She asked with eyes as big as a teacup. ''Uhm, I don't really know, haven't checked it ye-'' ''THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR WOMAN?!!'' She screamed with a smile so big that it looked like her face was about to crack. ''Alright.. Alright take it easy, I'll check it now, okay?'' She nodded her head over to the bag, asking me to get it right away. Obviously she was curious as to what he wrote in there, and now that I think about it. So am I. I went over to the bag and grabbed the album, opened it and started reading. 

'Hi there beautiful. By now you must know that I fancy you and I think you fancy me too, since we starred at each other for such a long time ;) Anyway, do you maybe want to get coffee or tea someday soon? If so, call or text me. -Ash'

By now, I must've been redder than a tomato, I could feel my face burning, and I had the biggest smile on my face. I don't think I've ever smiled this much in my whole existence. Amelia jumped up and down laughing like a little school girl and to be honest, she frightened me a lot. ''O.M.G!!! You have to call him, he's so into you! I knew i-.. I mean that's cool.'' She said relaxing a bit and smiled a little less than before. ''What have you done? Did you tell him to write this? Is that why you stopped mid sentence?'' I half shouted at her getting more and more angry. ''N-no I swear, I had nothing to do with that. I just thought that he might like you since you two starred at each other for such a long time, that's all.'' Her eyes were slowly watering up, indicating that she was about to cry, which meant that she was telling the truth, so I apologized to her and gave her a hug. 
Why is it that I always see the bad in people? I never really see their good sides. Which made me think of Ashton, I haven't seen anything bad about him or judged him. Maybe it's because I feel attracted to him, or the fact that he is in a world famous band. Oh he's so handsome. I can't believe I'm like this! I've never been into a guy before, mostly because the only boys I know, is those at school and they bully the hell out of me. 



I woke up from the best dream I've ever had, it was about him. I don't know why I'm so attracted to him, it's really weird that the first boy I find attractive is worldwide famous and probably doesn't have time to think about girls.. Then why would he go out with me? I don't get it. I'm no way near as beautiful as Amelia, and yet he chose me. It's all so messed up.

I went to the kitchen to get some food to me and Amelia, but when I got out there I saw a view I haven't seen since I was a little girl. My dad, making breakfast, actual breakfast and not some burned toast. ''Mornin' dad'' My raspy morning voice said. ''Good morning darling, Amelia up yet?'' He said mixing the egg's together. ''Not yet, I've just woken up myself.'' I said whilst yawning. ''Well okay then, I'll just go in to wake her up then. Would you put some plates and such on the table?'' ''Sure'' I said. 
Amelia came out to sit by the table about 10 minutes after my dad went in to wake her. We all ate in peace, and yes, that includes me, but it wont stay in for long. ''Hey dad? Where's mon-...Mum?'' I almost said monster in front of him. ''Uhm look, I. *sigh* Promise me not to get too mad at me okay?'' I nodded in response. ''Good. I found out yesterday that she has been an alcoholic the last couple of years, so I kicked her out of the house and send her on rehab.'' He told me, and I started crying. But it wasn't sad tears, it was happy tears. ''Now, now sweatheart, don't cry. You'll get to see her someday.'' ''NO! I'm not crying because I'm sad, I'm crying because I'm relieved she's not here.'' My dad inspected my face, ''how long have you known?'' A serious tone came out of him now. Why was he mad? I haven't done anything.. ''Since she started.'' I said looking down at my plate, nervous of what he was gonna say next.

My dad is usually a very lovable and kind man, but if you piss him off or lay a finger on his family, he goes bananas. 

''If you've known for such a long time, then why on earth haven't you said anything about it?'' He raised his voice a little, looking quite mad at me. And when he was just about to start yelling at me Amelia opened her mouth and answered him back. ''Don't you realize that she's afraid of her? She's been beating her up  and torturing her since before she started drinking. Would you tell anyone if your own mum threatened to kill you almost everyday? I don't think so, so cut her some slag okay?'' He looked worried at me, ''is all that true? Has she been doing that to you?'' He said getting a bit teary. I couldn't say anything, I had a big lump in my throat so I just nodded my head. He started crying, and stood up to walk over to me. ''I'm so sorry hun, I didn't know all of this happened to you. But if I had known, I would have kicked her out a long time ago.'' He said hugging me so tight that I couldn't breathe. It all slowly faded away into a black color, that's when I knew I was about to faint, but I couldn't do anything about it I was too weak. 

''Ca-ca-n't b-b-brea-the.....'' Black, the only thing I see is black.... 


A/N: I'm so so so sorry for not updating in such a long time... But here's another chapter for all you lovely people out there! 

And guys!!!! Over 13.000 people have read my story!! It's crazy.. 


I just want to say thank you all so so much for reading and enjoying my story! I love you guys! 

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