The Hero.

Lilly Mercia is a girl with a lot on her mind, almost too much. She's being bullied in school every single day, in every hour. Her mom is hitting her when her fathers not looking. All in all her life is a living hell. She's on the edge of suicide until her cousin gets tickets to this concert on front row and she never thought her life would change. But it does.

Warning!: Contains swearing, self harm, suicide attempts, and sex.
So if you don't like those above, I wouldn't recommend you to read it.


8. Before the concert

Amelia's P.O.V

O.M.G! I'm like so excited. I just really hope that Lilly's gonna have so much fun, so she can forget all the sadness and pain for the next couple of hours. 


So we're in the car and I'm literally dying of pure excitement, wish I could say the same about Lill's though... She looks like she's sick of this world, though she tries to look excited for me, but I can tell she's not quite up for this concert. 

''Lill's lighten up, it's gonna be a fun night! I promise you.'' I looked at her, she looks so terrified.. ''You promise Ams?'' The look on her face when she turned was just heartbreaking, she had the saddest look in her eyes, you could tell she tried to look happy, but her eyes just didn't convince me.. ''I promise, and you know I don't break promises.. Right?'' The look on her face when she looked me in the eyes got me thinking, that maybe she doesn't believe me, or trust me.. She used to trust me with her life, but I kinda feel like we're drifting apart. That's why I told my mom that if she got all these tickets for me, she would probably go just for me or because she wants to get away from her home and be with her only friend.... Her only friend... It hurts for me to say that, but sadly it's true.... She has always been that kind of girl who sits in the back of the room and pays attention to everything else, and because she's a little combination of goth and emo, everybody hates her and it's not fair. 

''Yeah I know Ams.'' She looked from me to the window and just kept starring. 


*A/N* so guys let me tell you something, I've never been to a concert before so all the things I'm typing is just pure imagination, and also the place the concerts at, is also just something I'm imagining ok? 

I know it's short and total crap but I'm at my grandma's so I don't have time to publish anymore right now... 


And btw guys I broke my laptop so I wont be able to update before I get it back... I'm so sorry...;(


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