The Hero.

Lilly Mercia is a girl with a lot on her mind, almost too much. She's being bullied in school every single day, in every hour. Her mom is hitting her when her fathers not looking. All in all her life is a living hell. She's on the edge of suicide until her cousin gets tickets to this concert on front row and she never thought her life would change. But it does.

Warning!: Contains swearing, self harm, suicide attempts, and sex.
So if you don't like those above, I wouldn't recommend you to read it.


6. Amelia's surprise


''So Lill's, what have you been up to?'' She looked at me with such happiness, I didn't want to upset her by telling what has happened the past couple of months. Her wide smile stared fading away when I didn't answer her question. ''Still the same shit everyday, huh?'' I looked at her with a sad face, she frowned her face and looked sadly at me. 

Amelia wasn't just my cousin, she was my friend, my only friend actually. No one likes me, I don't why, but everybody seem to have a good enough reason to hate me. Amelia though, has been by my side since she saw my what my mom does to me. My mom though, she doesn't know Amelia knows about it. I didn't even realize a tear rolled down my cheek until Amelia spoke. ''Oh.My.Fucking.God! She did it today didn't she?'' She asked getting quite mad. I looked at her in shock, how the fuck did she know that?. I slowly nodded my head, she then looked into my eyes, searching for something. I guess it was the sign. She always looks me in the eyes, until i move the part of my body that hurts. When she looks you in the eyes like that, you can't help it, you just move that part without thinking about it. You just do. I don't know why she does it, but she's done it ever since she found out about it. 

I started to look down at my stomach, remembering how much it hurts. She instantly lifted up in my shirt looking wide eyed at my stomach, she then looked in my eyes, I didn't want to look at her so I turned my head. She gasped loudly, making my head turn to face her. ''You never wear foundation, or powder....... Bathroom. NOW!'' She whisper-screamed, so mom and dad wouldn't hear. 

She closed the door to the bathroom and locked it, to make sure they didn't enter. She looked me deep in the eyes and touched my cheek slightly. ''You poor thing, what has she done to my precious cousin?.. You do realize that my mom would adopt you any second right? you just have to say the word.'' I nodded my head and looked carefully in her eyes, wondering how she always supports me.. ''Lill's I know you probably don't want to.. But, I kinda need you to remove the make-up, so I can have a look at it.'' She looked at me with sorrow, anger and understanding. 

I washed my face clean and dried it with a towel. Facing her now, with the towel over my face, i slowly took it down letting her her see everything. She looked at me with fear written all over her. She stood there starring at my face, clearly thinking her head out. We stood like that, not moving at all until she finally broke silence. ''I'm in pure shock right now. I don't even know what to say. Speaking of which, why haven't you said a word to me yet? Other than 'Wha''' She asked trying to copy my voice. To tell the truth, I don't even know myself... Usually I'm talking  my head of when I'm with her, but now... It's like it's different and I don't know why..

''Anyway ,to break the ice a little and to think of something good, I have exciting and good news, so which one do you wanna hear first?'' She asked with the biggest grin on her face like never before. 

'Hmm.. What would I want to hear first? Maybe I'll take the good news first? Or should it be the exciting news?' 

My thoughts were like that for a couple of minutes until I made my mind. 

''I think I'll let you decide which one is best.'' I slowly and quietly spoke. She looked funny at me, almost as if she was surprised by my answer. 

''Well okay then. Okay so like the good news is that I've got these two tickets to THE most cool/hot/fantastic band called 5SOS, or well they're just called 5SOS, the real name is 5 Seconds of Summer. They're playing here in London, and I thought it would be an honor to have you with me.'' She took a short pause before she spoke again. 

''They play instruments them selves, they're really, REALLY hot all of them. Hmm, have I missed something.... Hmm. Errm.. Oh yeah, they play like punk-rock-pop ish, actually it sounds so amazing and yeah... Oh and the exciting news is that I have 'the' best mom in the world! Not only are we in front row, but we got backstage passes and a meet and greet ticket each.. I know, I know it sounds like a lot, but trust me, when they start it seems like the end is coming a lot faster than you want it to.'' She finished taking a deep breath and relaxed a little. She looked at me for an answer, but I just sat there on the bathtub's edge thinking about it for a second. ''Okay.'' I said to her with a faint smile. She looked weirdly at me. ''Okay? Does that mean: Yes I'm going with you, or screw you I'm staying home?'' She asked looking directly into my eyes like a little lost puppy. ''Okay as in...'' I looked at her, she had this sad face like she knew I was going to say no, but... ''Of course I'll go with you, I owe you that. Besides it wouldn't be fun just staying home while you're out having fun without me.'' Her face lighted up in a second, and now the funniest thing ever, happened. She began a little ''happy dance'' as she hugged and began thanking me. ''Oh.My.Gosh! Thank you so so much for saying yes, and not no...'' She said hugging me even tighter, hurting my stomach.

''asdfghjkl....'' Her hair was in my mouth, I removed it with my hand, and tried to push her a little away so she didn't hurt my stomach even more. ''A-melia s-stomach.'' I said out of breath. Her tight grip loosened fast, and now instead of saying 'thank you' she kept saying 'sorry'. 

''Oh and by the way, the concert is tomorrow.'' She said happily. Oh okay, then I've got a lot of t-.. Did she just say tomorrow?! ''Tomorrow?'' I asked her in shock. Her face dropped from happy to 'what-do-you-mean-by-that-tone' look. ''Is there a problem? Are you going anywhere tomorrow?'' Her tone sounded sad. Very sad. ''N-no but m-my face..'' I stuttered and pointed to my face and she just shrugged. ''There's nothing make-up can't handle.'' She said with the biggest grin on her face again. 

*Next day, early in the morning.*

''So Lill's, are you excited? Cause I am! But I have a problem though.. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!!? She screamed loudly.


*A/N* So guys, I know none of you reads the Authors Notes but anyway. What clothes do you think they'll wear? What do you think will happen at the concert? 

Thank you all so much for reading my story. Sorry if ti sucks but you don't have to read it, if you don't like it.. To all of you who likes it - Thank you!



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