The Family

Do you wanna know what happend after the games? Read here!


1. The Kids

After the rebellion the games the... Everything, Peeta and Katniss have 2 kids. There sons name is Finnick... In memory of him. And there daughters name is Madge.

While Peeta is teaching Finnick how to bake, Madge runs down stairs with a shiny thing in her hand. "Mommy? What's this?" Asked Madge. Katniss turned around and felt the tears in her eyes. "I'll tell you when your older. Ok? Now go put it back." She said. Madge wanted to know now. "But-" "Now!" Yelled Katniss.

Peeta came running in and said "What happend? What's wrong?" And Katniss turned around crying "Peeta. She had the pin." And she walked to the door grabbing her boots. "Where are you going?" Asked Peeta. "Hunting. You know it makes be feel better." She said walking out.

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