Remember Me? ~Jeff The Killer love~

Do you know who SlenderMan's first Proxy was?
Masky? No. Hoody? No. Ticci Toby? No. Who? You ask? It's me. I'm his daughter and this is my story.


6. Second Day Back |PART 2|

Jenni's POV


"You're friends with Jane?" he said, sounding upset. "Yeah, we aren't best friends, but we cool. :)" I said. "oh" he said nodding. I started to walk up the stairs, my head bobbing to the steady clicking of  the heels on my boots. "Jennifer...." I heard someone say from behind me. I looked back and saw Clockwork.... "yeah?..." I said quietly. I knew something was up. "We found your sister..." what? My sister isn't Slender's daughter. She's my mother's daughter. My mother was a bitch. She left me and daddy, and she would hit me when he was out, watching the kids at the park or posting 'pages'. "Wha-a-at? Sh-she-she's d-deadd" I stuttered confused. "My... my mother k-killed her...." I finished. "She wasn't dead..." she said. "what do you mean 'wasn't', SHES DEAD NOW?!" I yelled. "we found her. Come on.." Clockwork is my best friend. Sally is like a little sister, I wished I had. She started to walk away, every creepypasta was downstairs, and they just watched me stand there. I shook my head, tears stung my eyes. I ran, the sound of my heels clicking made me pace myself. We stopped at my mother's house. I noticed everyone followed. I saw my little (12 years old) sister, lying on the ground. Crying?! 
"SHE'S STILL ALIVE!" I screamed. "a-hem" I heard someone from behind me clear their throat. I looked back, it was my mother. I won't share the gory details, but basically my mother is gone. And my sister passed away. But that's life.

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