Remember Me? ~Jeff The Killer love~

Do you know who SlenderMan's first Proxy was?
Masky? No. Hoody? No. Ticci Toby? No. Who? You ask? It's me. I'm his daughter and this is my story.


5. Second Day Back |PART 1|


managed to sneak downstairs and heard BEN and some other dude talking. I called his name out from behind, and then ran around, my heels making no sound at all. I kept doing that, and then I stood next to the other dude, and poked his shoulder, and he turned around and I smirked. He grinned from ear to ear, "JENNI!!!!" He yelled, ow. I guess I spazzed out from it and ended up on the wall (like Spider-Man :P) Oh yeah, I can climb walls, I'm like Catwoman xD idek. "You're back!" he said. I responded with "No shit sherlock" (teehee Beanie Cheshire :D) He playfully glared at me. "Hi, you look cool, AND before yo rude ass interrupts me, just kidding, you're fucking beautiful" I said honestly about the cool and beautiful. His white leathery cheeks turned a cherry red, BEN was laughing his ass off. The dude was shooting daggers at him but he didn't notice. So I started singing the song of healing like 'la la la' with words, not humming. He immediately bowed down, "apologize" I stated. He apologized and now it was his turn to laugh his ass off. "BEN over being SALTY AS HELL" I said walking away. Masky comes down stairs and hears that and laughs his ass off too. Yerp, These are my besties. "HOLD UP" I yell doing a double back flip into the kitchen where they were at and asked the dude his name. "Jeff, Jeff the Killer" he said. "Hey, Jane has told me about you!" I said remembering me and Jane's talk about the assholes in our lives. Hers being Jeff, mine being Aiden. 

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