Remember Me? ~Jeff The Killer love~

Do you know who SlenderMan's first Proxy was?
Masky? No. Hoody? No. Ticci Toby? No. Who? You ask? It's me. I'm his daughter and this is my story.


2. Last Day of School

Jenni's POV

I got dressed and put my piercings in.. (snakebites, nose, monroe, tongue, smiley, belly button, eyebrow, and chest dermals) then went downstairs. I walked in school getting scolded about my clothes but I don't give a fuck. I was on the way to 7th period when I was pulled into a Janitor's closet by some jock. I don't remember his name. "Hey baby" oh yeahhh. It's my 'boyfriend'. Still don't know his name. You're about to see how I got the name 'Seductive Siren' "hey babe" I said getting you know all up on him. "I was thinking maybe a little something for the last day of school." He said 'sexily' but failed. I held back a laugh, "yeah. We can do that" I said seductively. He groaned. Right when he was about to get all up in my tight leather pants I took my knife out and slit his throat. cx. I walked out when the bell rang and walked towards the Exit. When I saw a flash. A man and Smile. Smile is a dog that already has an owner but comes and visits me all the time. And the boy was ghostly white. Black feathery hair. A white hoodie with blood stains and a smile carved into his face. He was taking pictures of me? Kay. I started to walk home.

Jeff's POV

I saw The Seductive Siren walk out of her school with some blood on her face. She was soo damn good at what she does and she's pretty. Like she's my killer idol. (SEE WHAT I DID THERE) She looked over and smiled at Smile.Dog. 

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