Remember Me? ~Jeff The Killer love~

Do you know who SlenderMan's first Proxy was?
Masky? No. Hoody? No. Ticci Toby? No. Who? You ask? It's me. I'm his daughter and this is my story.


4. First Day Back |PART 2|

"OH BENNYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I sang making him automatically run to me. "Yes your hindness(sp?) oh gahd..I forgot... Siren .-. I'm an idiot.  xD. "Hey" I said making him snap out of it. "JENNI!!!!!!!" BEN yelled. "Dude calm the hell down or I will sing you to sleep" I said with a poker face. He looked scared and ran and jumped in the TV. "Imma go get him." I said sighing. "You can't go in there. It's dangerous for non-gaming Creepypastas to do that" Said a pale one with no eyelids and a permanent smile. "xD haha. OK. do you know who I am?" I said "Jenni?" he said. I nodded jumping in the TV. I started singing... "Give me Therapyy, I'm a walking Travestyyy, Oh but I'm smiling at everything..." Therapy ~All Time Low. He appeared in front of me. I picked up and had him sit on my shoulders. I then jumped back to the world. "Sit down." I said and went to sit down, drinking my cup of blood."Jenni, what're you drinking?" my eyes widened.... no fucking way.... it's MY EX-BOYFRIEND. "Excuse you?" I said. "Jenni, remember me?" He said. "Yeah-ish. What's your name?" I said. "Aiden." he said. "Last name, there was a lot of those" I said confused. He sighed. "MacDonql" He said. "Ohhhh. Sup?" I said. "Still a whore I see." He said. I squinted. "Still a douche" "bitch" "cunt" "emo goth cutter attention seeker" My eyes widened, my left eyebrow went up making my eyebrow bar stick out, my nostrils flared making my nose ring stick out, I clenched my jaw making my Snake bites, and monroe piercing poking out well. I turned around slowly. All the CreepyPastas, even The Rake, looked scared. "You shouldn't have done that" said BEN. "I call dibs on his kidneys" said EJ. "want a piece on candy" said LJ. "Play with me" said Sally. "He's fucked" Masky said to pale dude (Jeff) he chuckled. "GO. TO. SLEEP" said pale dude. xD. I started to sing. "Please. she's just a weak, emo, goth, attention seeking, cutter, fat, whore." said Aiden. that's when all hell broke loose. My eyes turned from a pretty purple to complete demon black. We were fighting and blood was everywhere. Even mine. We were destroying everything. Everyone was trying to hold me back but I'm stronger. 

~Time Skip 4 hours later~

I still haven't ran out of energy. He knows not to use my past against me. I slit his throat. And next thing I know I'm being held up by the Creepy Pasta council/police. I'm not supposed to kill another Creepy Pasta. I slit who ever was holding me's throat. I jumped down and finished Aiden off. I then sunk my teeth into his neck and just drank. I have naturally sharp teeth. They're sharper than vampires'!  I just drank, and drank... until someone pulled me off. I looked back and saw the CreepyPasta 'King' also known as MY DAD!! Slendy! "DAD LET ME FINISH!" I yelled. Still furious. I managed to get out of his tendrils. And finished sucking the blood and life out of Aiden until he was almost drained. I ripped his kidneys out using my teeth and threw them towards EJ. I stood up still pissed, with blood running down my face from drinking it. Smile came running towards me and I hugged him and cried into his fur. He licked my face. .-. Well then. Smile ran inside, up the stairs, to my room, and jumped on my bed. I then changed and jumped on my bed and he cuddled up to me and we went to sleep.


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