Remember Me? ~Jeff The Killer love~

Do you know who SlenderMan's first Proxy was?
Masky? No. Hoody? No. Ticci Toby? No. Who? You ask? It's me. I'm his daughter and this is my story.


3. First Day Back |PART 1|


I was walking into the house when my 'mom' downstairs and saw the blood on my face and the bloody knife in my hand. She looked at me terrified, I smiled and walked up stairs while licking the blood off the knife. What it tastes so good? Anyways, I packed everything up and dragged it downstairs. I saw 'mom' calling 911. I chuckled darkly. (Come to think of it, everything I do comes out darkly) Making her drop the phone, "well well well, what do we have here?" I said walking in front of her. The sound of heels hitting the wooden floor, made a slow beat, like a song from one of those horror movies. I grabbed her hand and brought her downstairs to the basement with me. She looked around in horror. Blood covered the walls and ground. I started to sing to her (HINT the name Siren) My voice calmed her down, I was singing 'Sweet Dreams' by Marilyn Manson. I started to smile and laugh a little bit. She looked terrified, good! CX I swiftly slit her throat and put a cup under her throat to catch the blood. I took and scalpel and cut her stomach area open and cut her kidneys out. I wrapped the set of kidneys in tinfoil and shoved them in my 'Batman' duffle bag, which also has all of the clothes I brought to my 'parents'' house with me. I then picked the cup of blood up, and what I saw disappointed me. It was only half way full. :(  I walked up stairs and grabbed the last cup of blood I had left and poured it into my cup, it's like a restaurant cup with the lid and straw, along with the blood from my 'mom'. I put about 250 sets of kidneys in my bag. They're all wrapped with their pair. And yes that means I've killed 250 people while my 'visit' here. I then started my walk to Slender Mansion. 

~Time Skip~

I climbed to the top of the mansion to the 20th floor. Where my room, Sally's L.J.'s, E.J.'s, rooms,and Slendy's office is.. My room in white with blood everywhere and a balcony. It's the biggest room in the Mansion. I unpacked my stuff, and walked downstairs and everyone (Laughing Jack, Eyeless Jack, Sally, Smile, Masky, Hoody, Toby, Grinny, and a new CP) Looked at me. Hmm. I threw the kidneys in EJ's lap, picked up Smile and walked back up stairs to see my real dad! "DADDY!!! UNCLE TRENDOR!!! OFFENDER!!! SPLENDOR!!!!!!" I yelled bringing them all in a big hug. "YOU'RE HOME" they all yelled in unison. "No shit" I said sarcastically taking another drink of blood. "Whatever bitcha" said Trendor in a fake bitch voice. "SPEAKING OF FAKE BITCHES.. I'm home!" I yelled "we know genius. Anyways what did you learn, well pretty everyone thinks we're just 'scary' stories and wants to have our children" I said seriously. "WHAT?!" Slender boomed. "Yerp. We have fangirls. One came up to me and said "OMFG JENNI THE KILLER CAN WE LIKE HAVE PASSIONATE SEX" and I cut that bitch." I said "Good job Jenni" Said my dad proudly. I smiled knowing I made him proud. "Now go find BEN please? He went downstairs because he heard you" Said OffenderMan "KAY" I said walking out. 

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