If Roses Were Blue

Rose Tyler has lived for two years without the Doctor. Then, a blue box shows up in London.


3. Underneath the Oak Tree

Rose lay in the shade of a large oak tree. It's branches spread out wide, and always gave an ample amount of cool shadows. This was her latest hideout, when Jackie forced her out of the house. Mickey accompanied her sometimes, but she had never had the same feelings for him since Rose travelled with the Doctor. Now they just had a best friend relationship.

Today Mickey hadn't joined, because he had plans to go out with his mates. Rose sat alone in the soft shadows, the sun low on the horizon. Many days she did this, rotating around the many nice spots that she had picked to relax. Her other favorite place to be was a small hollow that she had found, nestled at the edge of the woods, bordering a small stream.

The leaves had started falling by now, a soft orange- brown color painted over them. The acorns had matured, so every once in a while you could hear a soft plopping on the earthen floor. This tree was nested on a hilltop, high enough that she could see the out reaches of the area that she lived in, but low enough that it wasn't a popular place for kids and hikers to walk to. As Rose fell into a light sleep, she swore she could hear the distant rumbling and whooshing of the TARDIS. All it did was lure her deeper into her slumber.

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