If Roses Were Blue

Rose Tyler has lived for two years without the Doctor. Then, a blue box shows up in London.


1. Two Years

Two years. Two years, I have been sitting here waiting for you to find me. I believed in you. I know that it is possible.

Rose Tyler lay in her bed, thinking. It had been two years since the Doctor had left here in this bloody alternate universe. She still lived with her mum, and she still spent her days laying on the bed, thinking, dreaming, and crying over the Doctor.

Rose flipped onto her stomach and buried her face into the pillows. She started sobbing and screaming.

Jackie walked in, carrying a cup of tea. As soon as she saw Rose, she put the tea on the bedside table and sat on the bed, comforting her.

"I know, Rose, I miss him too."

The truth was that she had a love-hate relationship with him and she just wanted her daughter to be happy again. Jackie got Rose sitting up and handed her the cup of tea.

A day in Roses new life was usually spent like this: waking up late, from a dream about the Doctor, her mum making her tea and toast. Since Jackie worked from home now, she shooed Rose out of the house. This was for two reasons: Jackie needed the peace and quiet, and Rose needed the fresh air and exercise. She went off to one of her quiet places, like the oak tree on the hilltop, or the hollow by the stream. She would spend a while there, napping or wading or reading. She would walk back to the cafe to get a small lunch, then went to her workplace.

Rose worked at a convenience store, so the hours were extremely flexible and her mums job was very well paying, so she didn't need to make a lot. After working a few hours, she would either go home for an early dinner, or on Thursdays and Mondays she would go to her therapy. Jackie would meet her there.

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