If Roses Were Blue

Rose Tyler has lived for two years without the Doctor. Then, a blue box shows up in London.


2. A Blue Box

Whirring noise

On the corner of a London street, a blue police box appeared.

On the inside, the box was huge. It had a main control room and an almost infinite number of other rooms. A center tube had a blue light that was slowly moving up and down. The ceiling was tall and the support beams that held it up were shaped like branches.

A man lay on the ground next to the console. A worn, navy blue suit contrasted a red tie and scarlet converses. The look of his face and the glasses radiated cleverness. Tousled brown hair framed his face, with eyes bloodshot and bagged from crying and mourning. In his lapel lay a pink rose.

Slowly, the Doctor rose. Unsteady, he grabbed onto the railing. Stumbling along, he grabbed his trench coat, shrugged it on, and made his way through the doors of the box. He walked a few, slow, steps.

"Must. Find. Rose."

He then collapsed on the ground, and sank into darkness.

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