Finding Them

Tasha is a 17 year old girl in and out of foster homes. She made 5 rules for herself whenever she moves to a place. Slowly these rules start meaning less and less to her, but what she knows she can't do is break rule 5.


1. chapter one

She took deep raspy breathes, her footsteps hard on the sidewalk leading up to the houses front door. Goosebumps crawled up her arms the closer she got. She clutched her suitcase in her right hand as the door opened and her new foster parents poured themselves out the door to greet her. Her hair hung in her face, she heard every little sound, she felt ever gust of wind as Cindy and Kale walked up and stood in front of her. She came to a halt and looked deep into Kale's eyes, "Welcome to you're new home Tasha. We really hope you like it."

"It's fine." Tasha said turning her gaze to Cindy, "where is my room?"

"Upstairs and down the hall to the left." Kale told her, expecting a thank you.

"Alright." Tasha said as she walked past her new parents and inside the house she didn't want to be in. She whispered to herself as she climbed the wooden spiral staircase, her boots clinking on each step. When she found her room she did her routine when it came to starting a new life with a new family. She put her clothes away and color coded them then found her bed sheets in the closest and made the bed the way she wanted. She pulled out some pictures of her old friends and sat them up on the night stand. As she finished she say cress cross on her bed and pulled out her notebook:

Things to remember #1) don't get attached to anyone

#2) just be yourself

#3) remember they are you're family now

#4) stay up in school

And #5) the most important, don't fall in love.

She closed her book and put her hair up and made her way downstairs to see Kale and Cindy sitting at the dining table with some tea.

"Please come sit Tasha." Cindy suggested.

Tasha did as was asked and smiled at her new parents.

"We'd like to go over some rules if you don't mind." Kale said.

"Sure." Tasha replied trying to hide the annoyance in her voice.

"Well we don't take attitude, or bad behavior, we expect you to do as we ask and you're chores, we expect to be called Mom and Dad an-."

Tasha stopped them there, "Whoa. Wait."

Kale cocked his head.

Tasha became alert and her voice became stern, "I will follow you're rules I'll do my chores but one thing I will not do is call you mom and dad, because no matter what you do no matter what you say you will never be my real parents and I will not call other people by my real parents' respected names. I will call you Cindy and Kale and that's all you're getting from me." She crossed her arms.

The couple exchanged glances then looked back at their newly acquired daughter, "but we are you're parents now. It says in you're papers we are you're family and we will be treated like it."

Tasha smirked sarcastically and stood up slowly as her chair squeaked against the wooden floors, "you guys can do this the easy way or the hard way but I will not call you mom nor dad and you guys are not my biological parents and you better let that sink in because in my book you're just another couple who wants a minor to control." She walked off up to her room and closed and sat against it.

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