The girl who stole my heart


2. Mystery Girl

Their I was lying in my bed thinking about how my boyfriend cheated on me with the whole cheerleading squad. I felt so stupid not knowing. I felt like someone stabbed a knife in my heart. My friend Ashley is supposed to be picking me up to go to this concert with this new band called one direction. So I better get ready. I put on a black and white strapless crop top and some black leggings,and my hair in a stylish bun. As I heard the ring tone as my phone rang I knew it was Ashley because it was a one direction song. I picked up the phone and pressed answer. Hey Tiffany Ashley said; as I looked at myself in the mirror. Hey Ash. What's up? I'm outside, k be their in a sec. Ok. Oh and I go out with Louis from the band and he might invite us to his place with the guys. Is that okay with you? Yea sure, just don't make me feel like a third wheel k. Ok , now come downstairs we can't be late. I'm coming. I go downstairs and hopped into the car.

Once we got to the concert we went straight to our seats. They first played what makes you beautiful then I would and happily. As soon as they finished happily I took a picture and my flash was on so I almost blinded Niall. The guards took me out into the hall and told me to stay their until the concert was over. Knowing how nosy I am I started to walk around. I found my self back stage. I locked the doors so the guards couldn't find me. I heard the music start playing for the best song ever I couldn't help myself I had to sing. I started singing to the song so loud and everyone heard me but I didn't notice. They opened the curtain and I was sitting their singing away with my eyes closed. As soon as I heard the music stop I stopped singing. The guards were surrounding me. The only thing I could think to do was gymnastics so I ran jumped on a pole swung myself around three times and out the door I went. The guards ran after me but I ran to the parking lot and locked myself into the car until ashley came out.

I unlocked the car door and Ashley hopped in. Oh my god tiff that was amassing I didn't know you could sing like that. Your voice is beautiful thanks ash. I can't believe I ruined the concert. That song was their last so u practically finished for them.ash said as we got out of the car. C'mon I'll introduce you to the guys. I don't want to meet them they probably hate me. I said as Ashley laughed at me. We walked back stage but the guys weren't their yet.

Ashley's POV

One direction walked in. I jumed into Louis and gave him a big hug. All the rest of the guys were starring at Tiffany. You can tell she felt socially awkward because she was playing with her fingers. I felt kinda bad and sooooo I introduced them. Ashley meet Harry Zayne Niall Louis and Liam the father of the family. Tiff started laughing and then everything got quiet. So tiff what you did out their was amazing I really didn't know you can sing. No one knows i can sing it's kinda one of my secrets. Well I want you too sing something for us Zayne said. Oh I couldn't too shy. It's the least you can do after ruining their concert. Thanks for the help ash. Ok fine what song. Sing Little things. Ok ok I started singing and before I knew it the song was over the boys chimed in during Louis part too.

Zaynes POV

That was amazing love. She turned around and everyone started clapping. I couldn't help but stare she was beautiful. Niall started waving in my face. Are you okay mate. Yeah I'm fine. Do you fancy her. Nooooo. I tried to sound as sure as possible. You guys want to go to my place. Lois said. Sure stated Ashley. How about you Tiffany. Ummmmmm yea sure. I put my arm around her and she smiled. It was like we had an instant click. Once we were back at Louis house everyone sat down. Are you guys hungry? Yea mate. I'll order out. No I'll cook I ruined your concert so I'm cooking. Tiffany went into the kitchen and pulled out some cheese,sauce,flour,and water. And chicken with sauce. She put it all together and stuck it in the oven. While we waited for it to finish we watched the Telly. Dinnnnnnng the food was done. Tiffany jumped up and took it out of the oven. She brought it over to us and we all started eating. I was wondering how she made a homemade pizza. And peri peri chicken. How did you make this love. My mom taught me before she. Never mind I learned off of tv. Where's the bathroom. Louis pointed to it and Tiffany ran inside. Guys is she ok she's been in their for thirty minutes. I got up to go check up on her. She didn't make it to the bathroom. I found her in the hallway sobbing quietly. I asked her what's wrong. My mother died she taught me how to cook. I put her in a tight hug and sat their with her we ended up falling asleep and so did everyone else.

Zayne's pov

Tiffany went home and we haven't seen her in a week. We're getting ready for our concert backstage. Ashely was here supporting Louis. We go out on stage and see tiff and ash in the first row I got so excited and waved at her she waved back. I looked over and saw a guy with a group of cheerleaders. I thought it was weird but thought nothing of it. After the concert i saw Tiffany talking to that guy with the cheerleaders. I walked up Tiffany and she introduced us. Zayne meet Dylan. My ex-boyfriend. Who is this guy Dylan said this is Zayne he's from the band one direction yea will tell him to get away from youno you're not my boyfriend anymore you can't tell me what to do. If you have a problem you can take it up with me Zane said. Before I knew it Zane and Dylan were fighting. Yo I'm gotten a few punches but Zayne beat the crap out of him. I can see why you broke up with the douche like that. I only broke up with him because he cheated on me with the whole cheerleading squad. But I guessyou're right. Tiffany said. All of us went back to my place and talked about what happened they were shocked .

The next day I call Tiffany and finally had the courage to ask her out on a date. She said yes and I got so excited I was really happy that I was finally going to be able to go out with a girl like her.

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