The girl who stole my heart


1. Mystery Girl

Their I was lying in my bed thinking about how my boyfriend cheated on me with the whole cheerleading squad. I felt so stupid not knowing. I felt like someone stabbed a knife in my heart. My friend Ashley is supposed to be picking me up to go to this concert with this new band called one direction. So I better get ready. I put on a black and white strapless crop top and some black leggings,and my hair in a stylish bun. As I heard the ring tone as my phone rang I knew it was Ashley because it was a one direction song. I picked up the phone and pressed answer. Hey Tiffany Ashley said; as I looked at myself in the mirror. Hey Ash. What's up? I'm outside, k be their in a sec. Ok. Oh and I go out with Louis from the band and he might invite us to his place with the guys. Is that okay with you? Yea sure, just don't make me feel like a third wheel k. Ok , now come downstairs we can't be late. I'm coming. I go downstairs and hopped into the car.

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