The girl who stole my heart


3. Date Number 1,2and,3

Tiffany's POV

I woke up in zaynes arms feeling warm and tingly I wanted to stay in his arms but I couldn't. I walked into the living room and checked on the boys. They were all sleep,knocked out like little baby's I snapped a picture and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I made pancakes,eggs,bacon,grits, sausage,waffles,toast,and bagels. As soon as I was done I turned around and Niall was right behind me. Wow you must really like food. "Yea.foods like my favorite thing."yea I kinda got that. The rest of the guys came in "morning love". Morning. Zayne can you tell Ashley that I'm going home and I'll see her their. "Aren't you gonna stay for breakfast." No,I have to go to work tomorrow. I have to be the designer and hairstyles for this supposedly new and hot band. "See you later". See ya.

Zaynes pov

Everyone was waiting around for the new hairstylist we were an hour early so she wasn't late. She came in the door backwards everyone had their eyes glued to the door. She turned around with nandos and donuts covering her face but they were in her hand. Louis got up and took it from her and said thank you. She was wearing a hood so it was covering her face and she was looking down at her phone. She left the room to take a phone call. She came back in but this time I was turned her out. She Finally took off her hood. It was Tiffany. I went to her picked up and the spun her around. Once the guys realized it was her they gave her A bear hug. I can't believe you're our hairstylist I'm so excited for this tour. "Me too I didn't expect it to be you guys.

Tiffany pov

I'm so glad that work is finally over it was fun but tiring. I was about to leave when zane tirned Me around. "So I was wondering if you wanted to go out a date tonight with me."on the inside I was freaking out but I'm outside I just act cool. Sure should I dress fancy or no. Just wear something that you're not afraid to mess up.

**at home**

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