The 365 gifts + 2


3. the wedding

The day was here! You and Luke were finally getting married! After all these years you never thought you would marry Luke Hemmings! It's been 6 years in the making! You started walking down the aisle and Luke started to cry and seeing him cry made you cry. You remember the make up running down your face (lol get it?😜). Then came the vows. Yours went a little something like this. Luke, I remember the day 6 years ago when our eyes locked right onto each other and you called me back stage and kissed me and went on a date with me and I also remember the day when our love was tested and you proposed. I love you even though I probably said it 6,000,000 times I can never stop saying I love you Luke Hemmings When your band 5SOS came out I didn't know who the hell you where in the beginning but thanks to my cousin I fell in love with you Luke instantly. If she didn't drag me to the concert i would have never met you. I love you I need you i will stand by you and I will be your wife till the end of time.

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