The 365 gifts + 2


2. the planing

Like the wind ash Mikey and cal flew to the kitchen. Cal and ash sat in their seats and was eating a huge bowl of popcorn that you made for all of them meanwhile Mikey broke into Luke's hidden Nutella stash and popped one open. He licked his hand clean, dipped his hand in the jar and kept doing that the whole time he was there. Luke came in and saw Mikey and shouted "MIKEY OMG I HID THAT AND USED LIKE 20 CHAINS AND YOU STILL BREAK IN THERE MIKEY IM GONNA!" You start to rub Luke's back and you promise him something special and he has a stupid looking face for about an hour. You start the meeting. You look around the table and realize that you need someone mature with you to keep you sane. You call 4 people you call Perrie Zayn Harry and your best friend (and Mikey's gf you were gonna surprise him) Schuyler aka ski. They all came over in about 3mins. Zayn and Perrie say hi to the boys Harry says hi to you and you step outside to talk to ski "hey what's going on?" Ski says "ok you are gonna love me forever for what I'm about to do just stay here ill brb." You say going inside. You tell Mikey to go outside when you say to and you hook your phone up to the speakers outside and put on 1Ds new song fireproof and dismiss Mikey and just watch trough the window.

Ski's P.O.V.

I was just standing there waiting for (y/n) to come out but it wasn't her it was Mikey! "MIKEY OMG BABE I MISSED YOU!" I shouted a little to loud when Mikey just came in and kissed me. Than we just danced to the music that was playing. Me and Mikey just kept dancing for about 10 mins.

Your P.O.V

She was so cute with him dancing. After they came back in i started the meeting. After about 4 hours it was 4am and I had your wedding planned out and your dress was on order. Ski decided to sleepover at my place everyone left except Mikey and ski. Mikey said he wanted only me Luke and ski to know what he was about to say.

Mikey's P.O.V

I had the whole speech planed out in my mind I had it planned for 6 1/2 years since me and ski's first date. And it was finally time to do it. I pretend to fall so I'm down on one knee and then I say with my head held down faking the pain that doesn't exist "babe we have been dating for 6 1/2 years and it has been wonderful cuz that's when I had you in my life. And I need to ask you something." I lift my head up and the tears start flowing down my face and i hold out a navy blue box and lift open the lid and say "will you marry me ski and become mrs. Ski Clifford?" She screamed and put on the ring and we both cried on eachothers shoulders. Than i asked Luke if I could sleepover too so I can be with ski. And he was like yea congrats.

Writers P.O.V

You all had pizza (mikes choice) and went to bed and you gave Luke his surprise. And it sounded like they did to. 😏

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