Colorful Tears

contains love lol jk! may make you cry!!!


3. two

"So you like running away from your problems?" The tall, curly headed boy asked looking down at Calum's bags, then back at him.


"Leaving isn't going to get Amanda to come back." The boy said, his words hitting Calum like shards of glass.

Calum looked up at his mate of many years, Ashton. In a way, He had a point. No matter what Calum did, Amanda Wouldn't come back. And he couldn't change that.

"I know." He said looking down, not being able to look Ashton in the eye.

"Then why? Why are you going?" He asked running his hand through his brown hair.

For some reason, Calum didn't have an answer. He hasn't had an answer to much lately.

"To get away from all the memories in this house that Amanda and I shared. I can't face waking every morning and rolling over in bed, and not seeing her beside me. I'm tired of crying every day when I wake up because she's not there." Calum said pushing Ashton out of his way and walking out the door, bags in hand.

Getting in his car, a couple tears slipped from his eye and raced down his cheek.

"I'm so.. so sorry Amanda." Calum sobbed, pulling out of his parking space.

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