Colorful Tears

contains love lol jk! may make you cry!!!


5. Four

The Australian breeze swept across his face as he called for a taxi. A small yellow vehicle zoomed to a stop in front of Calum, causing him to jump a little.

"Where to?" The woman driving asked as Calum slid into the back seat.

"Where's your nearest hotel?" He asked, counting his money and looking up.

She smiled, "Ill take you there."


"Sir? Excuse me?" Calum heard a faint voice that belonged to a woman.
Calum opened his eyes to realize that he had been sleeping. He sighed and paid the driver, grabbed his bags and got out of the taxi. Looking around, he soaked in his surroundings. The big hotel looked like something you would find in a disney movie and the people going in and out were even more interesting.


She placed a cold, bony, hand on his shoulder. Calum shivered at the sudden touch. He looked down at the girl, the girl who had called his name. The girl, at first, Calum didn't recognize. 
"You." He said, not being able to say anything else.
The girl hesitated for a moment and then looked away. For a second Calum thought she had gone mute.

"Me." She finally stuttered and looked him in the eyes.
For the first time, in a long time, He felt regret. Only regret. Regret, the only emotion Calum could think that was appropriate for this. Regret.

"Angela." Calum smiled through tears.

She embraced the young boy in a hug before whipping off her own tears. They stood in silence for what felt like a year until Calum spoke, "how?"

Angela smiled and let out a sigh, "I, um, I saw you string out of the cab. I thought I should just uh... Say hi."



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