Love Teacher

When 19-year-old Jessica Woodward goes back to school for her senior year she meet her new handsome teacher. When she gets sent to detention by her new teacher, she doesn't get any detention, she gets more than what she thought....... Read more to find out what happens!


4. Everlasting Secret Love

It's English class and Johnny and I are alone in the classroom while waiting for the rest of the students to walk in. My bestie wanted to walk into class with me since she already knows about me and Johnny but she'd rather let us have our moment together. So, class was about to start, then me and Johnny started to kiss for about 45 minutes. We break away and class started and all the students walked in including Melissa. While all the students were getting ready, Melissa asked us to kiss again since class hasn't wen started yet so again me and Johnny kissed but this time for about 25 minutes since it was all the time we had until class starts. Melissa signals is and tell's us time up cus' many of the students were about to look up. Johnny kisses my hand and I sit on my desk next to my bestie. Me and my bestie do our handshake and start working on our schoolwork. Johnny signals me and whispers smiling "Love You, babe" I whisper back "Love You 2, my love" and get back to our work.


That's the end of 'Love Teacher'! Hope you enjoyed. Love ya'll my sweets. XO's! My bad it's a bit short but I sorta wanted the last chapter to be a bit short. 💟💟💟💟

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