Love Teacher

When 19-year-old Jessica Woodward goes back to school for her senior year she meet her new handsome teacher. When she gets sent to detention by her new teacher, she doesn't get any detention, she gets more than what she thought....... Read more to find out what happens!


3. Blame It On The Principal

It's Monday again which means school again. I'm happy to go to school again not only Cus' of my friends but cus' of my boyfriend Mr.Johnny Marley. I get into my car and turn on my Pandora jamming out to the music while I drive to school. I grab my things and get out of my car and walk into school where I see my bestie. I walk over to her and surprise by saying "Hey Bestie" She jumps in excitement and says "Hey Jess". We link arms as always and walk into class. I walk over to English class since Melissa needed her notebook from her locker. I open the classroom door to find my math teacher who totally hates me, she calls me names that I can't even stand to hear anymore, and she won't stop hurting me and my friend feelings. I see her leaning onto my own boyfriend's desk. Her name's Selesha Foxx.I could tell Johnny has had enough Cus' he said "Selesha, would you leave me the hell alone, I'll have you know I already have a girlfriend so get out of class and go to your own" Selesha still leaning onto his desk says "I don't see your girlfriend anywhere so I won't leave, besides I don't know who she is" Johnny sees me standing leaning near the door and walks over to me and says still angry to Selesha "This is my girlfriend, Selesha. Jessica Woodward's my girlfriend. Selesha, you may be around Jessica's age, but I love her with all my heart, and I'll always will so leave me the hell alone and go to your own class and get to work." Selesha gets off his desk, and says "OMFG! I had no clue. Well, my mom being the principal knowing about you 2 said to me that I had to seduce you. She wanted me to get rid of both of you but at first I had no clue who his girl was, now I know. I'm very sorry to both of you. Jess, could we be friends?" I said "Sure, we can be friends." We hug each other and she left. Class was about to start when Johnny grabbed my hand and gave me a kiss, I kissed him back. I sat down at my desk while all the students including my bestie Melissa. Johnny signals me and whispers happily "I Love You" I whisper back smiling "Love You 2" and wink.


Hope you enjoyed Chapter 3. Chapter 4 will be the last chapter so stay tuned. Love You my sweets. XO's!

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