Love Teacher

When 19-year-old Jessica Woodward goes back to school for her senior year she meet her new handsome teacher. When she gets sent to detention by her new teacher, she doesn't get any detention, she gets more than what she thought....... Read more to find out what happens!


2. Birthday Girl

Today's my birthday, my 2Oth birthday! I wake up taking a look at my clock. It's 9:30 A.M., I get ready and put on my uniform, my star studded earrings, my friendship bracelet made by my bestie, and my watch. I grab my bag, put my phone in my pocket and head downstairs where I find my mom,dad, and sister about to greet me with a happy b-day wish. I hugged them all and ate my birthday breakfast. Me and my sister were out the door and into my car driving to school. At school, I see my bestie talking with some of our other school friends, I go join them. "HeyHey Girlies" I say to my friends. "HiHi GURLL" They say back. "So, how was detention yesterday with Mr.Marley?" "It was amazing" The girls looked at me confused then I had to tell them. "It was amazing Cus' Mr.Marley kissed me, that's mostly why I had detention so I never really had detention he just wanted to reveal his feelings to me" The girls hug me in excitement and asked me tons of questions about me and Mr.Marley. They promised not to say anything to anyone else about me and him, they said there lips are sealed. Linking arms, Melissa and I walk into English class and sit down in our seats. I see Mr.Marley writing on the board, he turns around and looks at me locking eyes with me, then I hear my phone vibrate in my pocket, I grab my phone out and see I got a text from Johnny, Mr.Marley's first name. I read the text and it says "Hey there B-Day girl, after school I would like to take u out to dinner to celebrate your birthday,what'd you say?" I text back "Sure thing, I would love to" He text back "Love You beautiful <3"I text back "Love You 2 babe". Then, we work on our assignments. The bell rang and so I grab my phone and text my mom that Mr.Marley is taking me out to dinner for my birthday. She replies "Yes. Have Fun, Sweetie. Love You" I text back "Thanks. Love you 2, Mommy" I grab my bag, put my phone in my pocket and wait for Johnny to pack up his things. Johnny grabs his briefcase and grabs my hand and we head out the door. BTW, my family already knows about us, and there OK with it. We look around to see if anyone's in the hallways, it seemed empty so we walked outside. We find my friends getting into there cars. Johnny tried to let go of my hand but I didn't let him. I told him "Babe, don't worry they know about us, they promise they won't tell anyone" He says "OK, I trust them, they are your best friends after all" He kisses me and then we head into our cars. We head into a beautiful restaurant called "The Dolphin Wave". We sat near the water and ordered our food. After dinner, we walked out to the water and Mr.Marley held my hand and my head fell into his shoulder. It was finally getting late, so we kissed each other good-night and headed into our cars going home. I arrived home and head into my bedroom getting ready for bed. Before I head to sleep, Johnny texted me "Good-Night rose petal, I Love You, and you like the nickname I gave you?!" I text back "Love the nickname, sugarbee, Love you 2, good-night" He texts me back ":-* Love the nickname, thanks rose petal." I text back ":-* <3" Then, I head to sleep dreaming of Johnny Marley.


Hope you enjoyed Chapter 2. Chapter 3 coming your way shortly. Love You my sweets.

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