Love Teacher

When 19-year-old Jessica Woodward goes back to school for her senior year she meet her new handsome teacher. When she gets sent to detention by her new teacher, she doesn't get any detention, she gets more than what she thought....... Read more to find out what happens!


1. Back To School

Hi, I'm Jessica Woodward a 19-year-old girl going on 2O in a couple of weeks. It's back to school today and as I wake up from bed I take a look at my neon pink clock. It's 9:OO A.M., my school doesn't start until 1O:OO A.M. so I wake up get ready and head downstairs to find my mom,dad, and my 17-year-old lil sister making breakfast. "Hey hey mommy and daddy" I say giving them hugs and then I move on to hug my sister. I eat my breakfast and head out the door along with my sister. We get into my Infinity decorated 'HelloKitty' car and drive to school. We arrive at my school called L.A.High School:Home Of The Leopards. Before I head upstairs to my lockers, I say and hug good-bye to my sister and head upstairs to my locker. As I open my locker, my best friend Melissa Hadden speed walks to me and gives me a surprise hug, I gasp and take a deep breath but hug her as well "Hi Sista, I've missed you tons" I said still catching my breath. Melissa says back "I've missed you too Sista. BTW, did you see our new English teacher?He's freakin' hella hot" "Really? OMG..... I gotta see him" Melissa and I start happy dancing and link arms heading into our classes, when we arrive to English class we see our new teacher writing on the board while we take our seats. He turns around to face the class and everyone of the females in the classroom start to drool over him "Hello class, my name's Mr.Marley, I'm gonna take attendance now" I couldn't help but stare into his beautiful eyes. Then, I heard name was being called but I was still staring at him that I couldn't concentrate him calling my name. "Jessica Woodward, You in class, love?" I finally raised my hand and said "YOLO, I'm here" Mr.Marley answered me back by giving me a wink and smile. I blushed so much I think he noticed. Melissa tapped my shoulder and whispered to me "Someone has a crush on Mr.Marley, someone has a crush" I whisperer back "Stop Mel, I don't have a crush on Mr.Marley, OK...... Possibly a lil, OK tons" Melissa whispered "OOH my Bestie's gotta crush on him" The bell rang and it was the end of the school so I grabbed my bag, put everything in my bag, put my phone in my bag and linked arms with Melissa. We were almost out the door when Mr.Marley stopped me and said "I believe you forgot you have detention, your gonna have to stay after school" I felt confused that I got detention cus' I never did anything but I can't say no to a teacher especially one like Mr.Harley. I hugged Melissa good-bye and told her to take my sister home as I'll be late. I walked back into the classroom and sat down on one of the desks. I grabbed my homework out and started working. I finished every one of homework and put them back into my bag, grabbed my phone out of my pocket and started playing a game. Mr.Harley walks over to my desk and stares at me saying "You are so beautiful, Jessy" I was surprised he knew my nickname but I smiled and said "Thanks" and went back to my game. I was still playing the game on my phone when Mr.Harley grabs my phone out of my hand and places it into my bag. He grabs my hand and takes me to his desk. Without notice, he kisses me passionately. I smile and return his kisses. We kissed for about 45 minutes and broke away for air. "I possibly should go home now, what should I say when I'm home?" "Say you got detention cus' you forgot to raise your hand when I called out your name for attendance" Mr.Harley said to me while holding my hands. "OK, no Prob." I say giving him a wink. He kisses me again and we head out the door holding hands to our vehicles. We kiss each other good-bye and head home. Somehow I think I'll have a good-night's sleep, HAHAHA! To me back to school isn't so bad than I thought it would be.


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