An ordinary life? I don't think so..

My name is Betty Sky, a simple 17 year old who prefers to be alone. Maybe its since my parents never pay much attention to me or maybe its from being bullied so much.

All I know is that Arthur, Anthony, and Zack made it their mission to make me have a miserable high school life. Unfortunately they are succeeding.

All I ever wanted is to have a ordinary teenage life, but I guess an ordinary life isn't meant for me.


7. chapter 7


Soon enough it was lunch time. I quickly made my way to the library for some relaxation time. A few students sat at the computer trying to hack into porn. How stupid can people get these days. Do they not know that the computers are supervised? Oh well not my problem.

I head towards the back where the librarian told me a few years ago was quieter. It’s hidden behind a shelf. The librarian said it was once a study area but since it is so far in the back, well let’s just says some kids in the seventies could not be trusted. There was even a couch, table, and a window with a view of the street back here. I would never dare to take Arthur here. I would be upset to find them all here, sitting in my quiet spot.

I did not come here in the summer though since there is neither heating nor air conditioning. I pulled out some mittens I keep in my back pack since the cold air was starting to hurt my fingers.

I sat on the love seat and pulled out my lunch which consisted of a bottle of water, a sandwich and some crackers. Usually you were not allowed to eat in the library but the librarian had witnessed the jerks bullying me often. She never said she did but I know it. So she let me eat lunch in peace. I always cleaned up after too.

As lunch was coming to an end I packed up everything quickly so I could sneak out of here without being seen. I squeezed through the small opening and pushed the shelf back into its original place. I managed to get out of the library unseen by anyone.

I found myself back in the library right after school like yesterday. Arthur was already waiting at a table with his notes all over the place. He looked very frustrated.

“How are you doing?” I asked as I pulled up a chair.

“Oh I’m fine, I wish I didn’t have to be stuck doing homework though.” He ran a hand through his hair and looked up at me.

“I meant with the homework.” I said while pointing at his work. I wasn’t here to make small talk even if Arthur was nice to me. I could not trust him.

“Oh um, not too good.” He replied honesty.

“Well let’s get started then. I have to leave at four thirty though.”

We again worked through the homework. I would have been really annoyed by how many questions he asked but at least he would remember more for next time right?

Soon enough it was time for me to go.

“Well I have to get going now. Do you want me to tutor you tomorrow too?” I asked as I put away my things.

“Actually I think I will like Friday off. Maybe this weekend you can help me or something.”
I just nod and walk out.

I arrived at the diner, well to my job early. I could have helped Arthur longer but I don’t like walking in the dark much and if I can avoid it I will.

Lulu instantly hugged me as I walked in.

“Betty! I’m so glad you are working here now.” She let go of me and dragged me to the back office.

“It’s so nice to see you again Betty. We have missed you.” The owner Sal stood up and gave me a hug. Sal is like my grandfather. He and Lulu opened the shop years ago, I don’t know why Lulu would want to be a waitress when she obviously did not need to work. Maybe she liked being around people.

Sal handed me an apron and the typical diner girl uniform. I looked at it and I hoped to god it was not too short on me.

I left the office while Sal and Lulu chatted amongst themselves. I walked to the women’s washroom and put on the blue dress that buttoned up and the white apron. I walked out and took a look at myself in the bathroom mirror. The dress went just below my mid thigh. I guess it wasn’t too short.

I went back into the office and Lulu instantly gushed as she saw me.

“Betty! You look darling in the uniform. I’m sure the local boys will go crazy over you.” I highly doubt that would happen.

Sal stood up and handed me a notepad and pen. “Lulu, show Betty how it’s done. I’m sure by next week Betty will be fit enough to run the place.”

When I and Lulu made it the front area she showed me what I needed to do. Basically common sense it was. Greet customers, bring menus, take order, bring order, bring check, and clean up table. Simple enough right?

By the end of my shift I earned a hefty amount of tips from the customers. I was really surprised on how well I was treated. I even saw some kids from school and they didn’t laugh or anything. I could get used to being treated nicely.

Before heading out I gave Lulu and Sal a hug goodbye and grabbed my backpack which is now filled with some money I earned, my clothes, and my homework.

It was cold outside and I wrapped my sweater more tightly around me. Since it was past nine it was really dark out. So that meant every noise I heard I jumped out of my skin.
I was a few blocks away from my house, which would have been a relief but the blocks in these towns are so huge it will take me awhile especially at night, when the sound of a car startled me. I looked over my shoulder and saw a car pass me by but then stop suddenly.

I continued walking past it hoping that the car stopped on a coincidence. The car started up again when I reached the crosswalk. I got the feeling that the car that stopped was no coincidence. I looked over my shoulder and saw it at the stop light. I knew this was my chance. I ran down a dark pathway behind a building. I know that is not very safe but I knew the short cuts in the town. I knew if I continued running through here I would make it to a street close by my house.

I made it halfway down the path when I heard the car come to a screeching halt followed by a door slam. I looked over my shoulder to see if whoever that was, was following me. Oh shit.

When I turned my attention to in front of me again I bumped into someone’s chest. I fell to the ground with a thud and looked up.

I realized I had bumped into a man that when he got a look at me he grinned.

“Hello there.” He took a step forward.

Double shit.


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