An ordinary life? I don't think so..

My name is Betty Sky, a simple 17 year old who prefers to be alone. Maybe its since my parents never pay much attention to me or maybe its from being bullied so much.

All I know is that Arthur, Anthony, and Zack made it their mission to make me have a miserable high school life. Unfortunately they are succeeding.

All I ever wanted is to have a ordinary teenage life, but I guess an ordinary life isn't meant for me.


6. Chapter 6.


The next morning was the same as every other morning I have to face. As I headed towards the kitchen for some breakfast I remembered the lack of food. After hearing my stomach grumble I decided it would be best to grab a coffee from the local donut diner.

I grabbed a sweater before heading out since the fall weather started to become much chillier. It’s about time too. It’s November already and it still seems like fall. It was nice being able to sit outside under my favorite tree though. I guess its back in the library for lunch till spring.

The familiar chime of the diner bell went off as I entered through the doors. A few waitresses who have been more like family to me then my own gave me a smile and hug as I walked by.

When I was younger I would come here after school most days since I was afraid of being alone. The owner did not mind. He actually offered me a job but my parents said I did not need a job. I think they did not want any of their friends thinking they were poor by me having a job. I guess when I was younger I was more concerned about having my parents approval. As you can tell now, I don’t care.

“Betty! My dear it’s been ages since we’ve seen you.” The familiar grey haired woman said as she gave me a suffocating hug.

“Sorry Lulu, school’s been very chaotic lately.” I hug her back.

Lulu, her real name is Luanne but since I met her at a young age I called her Lulu and the name has stuck ever since, quickly went behind the counter and handed me a coffee and a donut, my favorite kind of breakfast.

“We’ve missed you so much. It wasn’t the same without you here.”

“I’ll be sure to stop in more often, but you know how my parents are.” I took a big bite out of the donut and quickly sipped my coffee.

“The job offer is still available you know.” She smiled at me sweetly.

“Really? I thought it would have been filled years ago.” I was offered the job at the age of 10.
Back then it was to help with the dishes and such but now I’m guessing they need a waitress.

“We have been short handed since Selma and Gertie had to retire last spring. Doctor said they should not be walking so much at their age.”

“I’m not sure Lulu. I have to tutor now and you know things at home, busy busy busy these days.”

“Betty, we would really appreciate it. We could use your help.” Lulu took my plate away and mug away. When she came back she gave me the look. This look got me to do my homework, be home on time, be good in school; basically the look could make you do anything.

“Lulu, you know I can’t say no to that look.” I smile and give her one last hug before heading out the doors.

“Be here at five sharp! Now get to school.” Lulu shouted as I exited the building. I couldn’t help the smile on my face as I raced towards school.

As I reached the school ground I did not see any one. Crap, I was late. I opened the heavy doors and quietly jogged to math class. I was praying that my seat would be available.

As I opened the classroom door everyone turned their attention towards me. Mr. Williams did also.

“Late Miss Sky? Please take a seat quickly.” He gave me a smile. Phew, no detention. Thank God.

As I walked through my usual row I noticed my usual seat was taken by some jock trying to impress the girl I sat next too. Great that meant the only seats available were at the back, near the jerks.

I keep my eyes on the floor as I pass by them but I feel their eyes on me, burning holes through me. I sat at the desk farthest away from them. Unfortunately it was right behind Zack. It was better than being in the other available desk right beside Zack.

As I opened my back pack and pulled out my books I heard someone clear their throat.
I placed my things on my desk and looked forward to find Zack turned around and looking straight at me. Eek!

“Late again? You’re becoming a real bad girl aren’t ya? I like ‘em bad.” He smirked while he licked his lips.

Outside I was being calm and trying to freak but on the inside I was having a major freak out.
I looked toward Arthur to maybe help me but he was resting his head in his hands trying to sleep while Anthony was busy writing on his arm in permanent marker. I could not help but laugh at that.

“Find that funny?” Zack asked as I turned my head towards the front. I just shrug my shoulders not really wanting to talk to him.

For the remainder of class I paid attention to the lesson and managed to finish some of the homework assignment. I didn’t really have to since I would be helping Arthur today after school… Oh crap I forgot about helping him. We really need to work out a schedule. I don’t want to have to stay after school if I don’t have to especially since of my new job.

Hopefully he won’t mind a short tutor lesson.


Another chapter,woohoo. Sorry it took a while to write. Comments are encouraging for me,just so ya know :P

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