An ordinary life? I don't think so..

My name is Betty Sky, a simple 17 year old who prefers to be alone. Maybe its since my parents never pay much attention to me or maybe its from being bullied so much.

All I know is that Arthur, Anthony, and Zack made it their mission to make me have a miserable high school life. Unfortunately they are succeeding.

All I ever wanted is to have a ordinary teenage life, but I guess an ordinary life isn't meant for me.


4. Chapter 4.

The rest of detention went by smoothly. Mr. Williams made sure the jerks stayed in their spot the whole time. Five minutes before the time we were supposed to go Mr. Williams let me leave so I could avoid the guys.

I practically ran out of the school and towards home. I was not going to risk seeing them in my way home. My parent’s car was nowhere to be found. I checked inside the garage and the car wasn’t there. I’m guessing they had another business trip to go to. Sometimes I wonder why they even had me. They act like I’m not here most of the time.

I was glad I didn’t have any homework for today; it meant that I could sit around and do absolutely nothing. After a few hours I started to get hungry. I headed into the kitchen for a snack to find all the food I just bought gone. I hated when my parents did this. They would invite friends over while I was at school and eat everything. For skinny stuck up people they sure could eat a hell of a lot.

Instead of walking to the store and possibly seeing Arthur again I decided to just order some pizza. I picked the local pizzeria and ordered a small pizza with wings since its just for me and I don’t care much for left over’s.

I sat watching an old re-run of ‘The Simpsons’ when the door bell rang. I slowly got up, grabbing my wallet in the process, and headed to the front door. I opened up the door and looked at my wallet.

“How much?” I asked.

“Betty?” The delivery boy asked. My head shot up. Anthony stood in front of me holding my order. Just my luck, out of all the pizza delivery guys in this town I got Anthony. I hope he doesn’t throw my food on the ground or do something mean. I thought I was safe at home.

“That will be fifteen dollars plus tip,” he smirked at the mention of a tip.

I pull out a twenty and hand it to him without a word. He hands me my food in shock at seeing how I actually did give him a tip.

“Um, thanks.” He smiled as he put the money in his back pocket.

I nodded to him and said a thank you and shut the door gently and walked into the living room to eat my meal alone as usual.

The next day I work up on time and did my usual morning routine. The house was quiet as always. On my way to school I noticed Arthur and Anthony ahead by seven houses. They didn’t see me thankfully.

I saw the school bus at the stop and I quickly got on and smiled to the bus driver. I haven’t seen him in a long while.

I took a seat at the back where it was always empty like I remembered. The bus was about to leave but stopped. I guess some students are getting a break today. I looked out my window and saw the worst thing. Zack was getting on with a few other students. I quickly moved so he would not see me in the window. I could hear the stomps and chatter from the students coming on. I ducked down so he could not see me. Or so I thought.

“Hello Betty, nice seeing you here.” Zack said plopping down into my seat even though there were many open ones on the bus.

I turned my head away from him and shifted as far as I could away from this creep. I felt his arm move around my shoulders as he moved closer.

“Ignoring me now?” He was taunting me. He wanted me to talk but I wasn’t falling for this.
I didn’t answer.

He shook my shoulders a bit trying to get a response but again I didn’t reply. He soon gave up and leaned his head against the seat.

When the bus arrived at school everyone got off the bus slowly, just like I remembered. Zack got out of the seat but let me go in front of him. That was nice for a jerk face. I eyed him skeptically before walking.

I got off the bus and so did Zack and thankfully he did not follow me but went towards his friends instead.

I went to class on time as usual. Today the jerks did not try anything so far. This got me very worried however.

Class seemed to drag on but soon enough the bell rang. As I got up from my seat Mr. Williams called me over to his desk. I walked over hoping it was nothing bad.

“So Betty, you have one of the top marks in the class,” as he spoke I nodded, “and I was wondering if you would be open to tutoring some of the students who need help?”

“Sure, I don’t mind.” I didn’t care helping someone.

“Thanks, tomorrow you and Arthur can discuss what days you can tutor him.” Mr. Williams smiled at me.

This was very, very bad.

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