An ordinary life? I don't think so..

My name is Betty Sky, a simple 17 year old who prefers to be alone. Maybe its since my parents never pay much attention to me or maybe its from being bullied so much.

All I know is that Arthur, Anthony, and Zack made it their mission to make me have a miserable high school life. Unfortunately they are succeeding.

All I ever wanted is to have a ordinary teenage life, but I guess an ordinary life isn't meant for me.


3. Chapter 3.

That night I wondered what the next day would be like. I was hoping that if Arthur had any amount of decency he would keep what he heard to himself and not tell his friends but I knew in the end he would. My last thoughts before I drifted off to sleep were how to escape this so called life of mine.

The next day I managed to wake up on time. As I was applying some eyeliner I noticed how pale I have gotten. I need to get outside more. My off green eyes looked red; I guess I had been crying in my sleep again. That usually happens when something upsetting happens before I go to sleep.

The walk to school went by quickly and uninterrupted. Maybe today I wouldn’t run into the three jerks. I felt bad a bit that I did not thank Arthur for driving me home though since he didn’t have to. I guess he wasn’t all that bad either. I have to admit he is kind of cute; tall, a tad pale and dark hair that was the perfect length... Wait! What was I thinking? I could never like him. I did have to admit though he stood out from his friends. Zack was a bit shorter than Arthur and had reddish hair. He wasn’t a ginger but he was pale. Anthony on the other hand was the shortest of the bunch and a mop of brown hair. Even though he was the shortest he looked the toughest and could probably kick anyone’s ass.

I finally made it to class and rested my head on my desk with my hood pulled over my face. Everything seemed peaceful for a nice change.

The second bell rang and I could hear the other students come into class. Everything was nice until someone yanked down my hood causing me to sit up. Right in front of me stood Zack. Oh shit.

“So Arthur told me of your encounter last night.” He hands were on my desk and he was looming over it. His reddish hair hung in his eyes, he definitely needed a haircut.

“Y-yea” I stutter out. This guy scares the crap out of me. It doesn’t help that he’s more than half a foot taller than me, and I’m a fairly tall girl being five foot seven.

Zack smirked. “Your parents are right; you could never get a guy like Arthur.” So I guess Arthur did tell them. I’m not apologizing now.

Before I could respond a familiar older man walked into class and Zack took his seat. I never thought Mr. Williams would get here. He came around as usual to collect homework. I reached into my backpack and looked around and muttered a “shit” remembering that the three jackasses took my homework.

Mr. Williams stopped at my desk with a look of confusion. “Where is your homework Betty?”

“I-um-I don’t have it.” I finally said. I know if I would have ratted on them they would make life worse.

“Well I will be seeing you and the other students who decided not to do their homework after school.” He said loud enough for everyone to hear.

He got to Zack, Anthony, and Arthur’s desk and they each handed in my homework. This was so unfair. I did not deserve this. Mr. Williams eyed them wondering if they actually did their homework.

He returned to the front of the class and decided to put on a movie for the remainder of the class. I just pulled out a piece of paper and started to doodle on it for the rest of class.
The rest of the day went by smoothly and lunch was quiet for a nice change. For once I had an enjoyable day at school. I was even looking forward to detention since I would end up avoiding those three.

The end of the day finally came and I made my way to Mr. Williams’ class for my detention. I opened the door and my jaw dropped. There they were. Arthur and Zack were seated in the back chatting amongst themselves until they saw me walk in.

“I never thought I’d see the day when the freak got a detention,” Zack high fived Arthur.
I wanted to turn around but someone was behind me. I glanced over my shoulder and the third jerk face was there. Anthony blocked the exit with his arms. He smirked at my nervousness.

I ran to the seat by Mr. Williams’ desk in the front of the class. I can’t believe they got a detention. If I didn’t know any better I swear they were here on purpose.

Mr. Williams was already at his desk reading over his papers and things. When he saw he put down his paper and stood up.

“Okay everyone, you will be here for an hour and if your behavior is good then you may leave.” He looked over at me and gave me a small smile knowing it might not make me freak out, “I forgot some things in my car and I will be back shortly.” With that he left the room. Oh god he left the room.

I started to pick at my sweater sleeve as I heard some chairs squeak from behind me. I felt their presence around me.

“So freak, enjoying being bad for a change?” Zack smirked while sitting on my desk. Anthony stood beside him and Arthur on the other side.

“I wasn’t bad, you asses stole my homework!” I snapped back and soon regretted it.

Hearing my outburst made his smirk bigger, “Feisty today are we?”

I stood up from my seat but Zack grabbed my arm and yanked me towards him.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He whispered into my ear. He is officially now a jackass and creep.

“Let go of me.” I try to break out of his grasp but he turned out to be much stronger than me.

“Is there a problem here Zack?” Mr. Williams came through the door. He was my hero for the day. “Back to your seat boys and leave Miss Sky alone.” He took his seat back at his desk.

Only 50 minutes until freedom.


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