An ordinary life? I don't think so..

My name is Betty Sky, a simple 17 year old who prefers to be alone. Maybe its since my parents never pay much attention to me or maybe its from being bullied so much.

All I know is that Arthur, Anthony, and Zack made it their mission to make me have a miserable high school life. Unfortunately they are succeeding.

All I ever wanted is to have a ordinary teenage life, but I guess an ordinary life isn't meant for me.


2. Chapter 2

Soon enough the school day was over and I quickly make my way outside hoping to avoid the three jerks. I used to take the bus but when I realized they took my bus too, I stuck to walking.

As I made my way across the street I heard someone call me name. I didn’t turn around knowing who it would be. Instead I walked faster down the street. I soon heard the pounding of footsteps behind me. I continued walking keeping my head straight. I soon felt an arm around my waist.

“Hey freak, didn’t you hear us call you?” Zack asked while pulling me closer to him. I didn’t reply just tugged his arm off of me. I wasn’t successful.

“Where ya going freak?” he said finally letting go of me and pushing me forward.

“Home,” I state flatly.

“Well that’s since the freak doesn’t have any friend’s right?” Arthur laughed. I don’t get what’s so amusing with that. They continued to taunt and poke fun at me. At this point however I have stopped listening and eventually they turned down there street leaving me alone at last.

I finally made it home shortly after and the front door was shut after all. I walked down the hallway in my house, and everything was still in place from when I cleaned it the weekend before. I made my way to the kitchen and searched through the pantries, from the looks of things I need to go out shopping.

I sighed and put my backpack down in the main hall and grabbed my wallet. As I walked through the garage I noticed my bike’s tire was flat from the last time I rode it to school and Anthony thought it would be funny to let the air out of my tire while I was in class. Those guys are such jerks.

I walked by my parents expensive SUV, which I would have taken if I had my license. I was 17 and could technically get it, but no one ever had the time to take me to the city. I made my way outside and started walking towards the grocery store.

It was a short walk and since it was a weeknight barely anyone was in the store. I grabbed a buggy and since I’ve done the grocery shopping for the past 4 years, I know exactly where and what I need.

Soon enough I was at the checkout and just my luck, the bagging boy just happened to be Arthur. I try not to speak so he would not recognize my voice. Sadly though went I went to pick up my bags he looked up and smirked.

“Well look who we have here?”

I just picked up two bags but had trouble with the third.

“Arthur, help the young lady to her car,” the lady who worked at the cash register told Arthur.

“I don’t have a car.” I mumble slightly embarrassed.

“You don’t! Dear you won’t be able to carry those all the way home. Arthur take this young lady home this instant.” She ordered Arthur. She was friendly; I wish I had a mother like her.

“My shift doesn’t end till nine though-“

“You can take off early; I don’t want this young lady walking the streets alone in this neighborhood.” She ordered again and scooted us out of the store with me carrying two bags and Arthur taking one. When we reached his car he opened the trunk and placed my bag inside.

“Give that to me.” I reach out and grab my bag out of his car and turn to leave but end up tripping over my feet and drop everything. Why couldn’t I just leave in style for once but the klutz in me would not allow that.

Arthur chuckled and started to pick up my things. When everything was picked up we stood up and he once again stuck my groceries in his car.

“Don’t. I’m walking home.” I try to grab my bag but he stops me.

“Stop being so stubborn, just let me drive you home,” he grabbed the last of my bags and placed them in.

I hesitantly walked over to the passenger side door and got in, Arthur soon followed.

When we got onto the road I gave him the directions to my house hoping to not make any small talk with him. Arthur on the other hand had a different idea.

“So Betty why don’t you drive?” he asked casually as we neared my street.

I shrugged my shoulders, “No one took me to take the test.”

“It’s just in the city you know. Not that far of a drive.”

“I know. If I had a ride I would get it.” I mumble uncomfortably.

He looked over at me as we were finally on my street. I told him my house number and when he pulled into my driveway he was awestruck.

“This is your house!” he half said half shouted.

“Ya it is. Could you give me a hand?” I asked as I stepped out of his car towards the trunk.

We brought the groceries to my front door and Arthur offered to bring the bags in the kitchen. I accepted not wanting to make two trips. However we walk past my parents who were sitting in the lounge and when they saw me walking with a boy they had to get involved.

“Betty, who’s this boy?” My mother asked.

“This is Arthur; he offered to help me bring home the groceries.” I hope they stop asking questions.

“We didn’t think you were his girlfriend, he could do much better,” My dad spoke not looking up from his paper. I’m home two minutes and my parents already insult me.

I look down hurt by their comment. I know I wouldn’t date Arthur in a million years but did they have to be that mean?

“With a face like that Betty not even a toothless low class boy would want you.” My mother laughed.

“It’s time for you to go Arthur.” I said before my parents could speak again and started to push him out. He got the hint and left. Unfortunately before I had enough time to shut the door my mother spoke again.

“I wish we had a daughter that we were proud to show.”

Arthur started to turn around but I slammed the door into his face.


Did anyone else get those weird feels. I got them them while writing this chapter. How could her parents be so mean towards her!!  Anyways, remember i said i would be doing quick facts at the end of chps.

#1- At the age of 6, there were certain two siblings who used to bully me.One was a girl,anther was a guy. Once I was just passing by with my favorite doll when they pulled me near a gutter. They would usually toss my toys inside it but this time,they threw me in the gutter. Not before punching me on my stomach and slapping me. That was the last time I had got physically abused by an outsider. :(

Anyways,if you like my story,then you know what to do :)

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