monsters and demi-god in hogwarts?!?!

This is a story about the camp half blood main charicters having a quest and going 2 hogwarts but unexpectidly meet a girl who has a VERY big secret. And they all meet ther pokemon partners yay

Tags: harry potter. Camp half blood. Angels. Monsters. Draco. Twyla. Percy. Annabeth. Nico. Thalia. Piper. Leo. Hermionie. Ron. Pikachu. Pokemon


3. the quest

                        annabeths pov

we were sent to chirons office idk why 


    -time skip-

''We were sent to get an angel in disguise?'' percy said. ''thats inposeble'' i said. oh well i thought as we took a demigod taxi



thats all for now!

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