monsters and demi-god in hogwarts?!?!

This is a story about the camp half blood main charicters having a quest and going 2 hogwarts but unexpectidly meet a girl who has a VERY big secret. And they all meet ther pokemon partners yay

Tags: harry potter. Camp half blood. Angels. Monsters. Draco. Twyla. Percy. Annabeth. Nico. Thalia. Piper. Leo. Hermionie. Ron. Pikachu. Pokemon


4. hogwarts train

              twyla's pov

was bording the hogwarts train with my pokemon partner yveltal and we got on bored there was no more seats so i had to sit by this gothic boy and this one githic girl the boy's pokemon pertner was superior and the girls partner was gothita. Yveltal didnt like after a long time of complaining the she didn't like them we finaly got to hogwarts I heard someone behind us say "this structer is AMAZING'' then she wisperd ''you can fit mount olympus in here and still have room to fit all the demigods and gods....'' so me yveltal got off the train then a girl with bushy hair came up to me and said ''hermionie and this is noctowl'' i said ''twyla sivermoon and this is yveltal.''

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